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To share what with the Bamboozles and the Jackals? By: Malony Tong-Gol Ngor

9/20/2005 10:33 am

By: Malony Tong-Gol Ngor
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The National Congress party which signed the peace deal with SPLM in 9th of January 2005 seems not interesting in forming a government in which both partners have a weighable representation; the regime is not yet recovered from its mal-practices with others expressly southerners since it seized power in a coup detat in1989. What is important here is that this practice could affirm the conviction of south on north not to commit itself for the agreements its signed, the north would not forget the way it used to act toward others; since the independent certain positions were akin for them, should the south shake the pistol always? To tell the clear messages that the war which was fought for four decades was not young boy’s exercise but to assure the equality everywhere in rights and duties – it was a war for dignity as the fallen Legend Dr. Garang reiterate it many times.
The National Unity Government was to be formed in 9th of August but the death of the hero has delayed it, the incident was grasped as delaying tactics for more cunnings and dodging. But would that help!

The endless conversations on the Ministry of Energy was a clear sign for the south not only SPLM as others naive and blockheaded southerners look at it, it is the SPLM today but you tomorrow; it were you all southerners who were denied the honour of that bursting portfolios, whenever or what ever notch of education or intellectuality you attained, that is not the question. Knowing that the Ingaz celebrated minister for the Energy is not so qualified more in that field than some southerners, who are not only qualified in political auditorium but also in academic realm.

Which power is shared if such positions as Ministries of Defense, Interior, Finance, Attorney General, Information and now Energy and Mining are reserved by the north, which wealth is shared if you are not permitted to look after what your own land produced?
What the south should be clear about is to know carefully that it would not be only the milking cow of Mining which is the bone of contention, that is only the beginning, others would appear, haven’t you read the Governor of Bank of Sudan saying he was not so satisfied with the two Gates Banking system in the country, while it is the north which is liable for creating these dual systems, by making every drivel perpetual (Thauabit) – constants, were they intending to warm up the south to give up, it will never happen; we should not let them to realize that dream. It is true that the Sudan’s ruling elite had never think to be defied by southerners for the usually uncontested positions, they had not yet comprehend the change, though they agreed in January to share power and wealth, they were counting for others amongst the Wad Taktook’s wisdoms, “either the Prince, or the camel or the humble man”, the prince has gone but unfortunately other princes are in – that question was not realized by the jackals. As a western diplomat told Reuters "The signs aren’t good that they are serious about power-sharing." Actually they had never been serious; their deeds are always contrary to what they say that is the NIF in general! "They were interested in silencing the guns and that’s it," Alfred Taban, said as the Sudan Tribune electronic web reported.

What many southerners are articulating is whether the SPLM was in fact deeming the National Congress Party to be serious on peace simply because they signed it, they would not be so unless you are solid with the backing of the mass – the southerners; who are to accept any decision you take about their future; many southerners know that the SPLM leadership is capable then and now to fight for their rights; they are still firmed to the noble goals they suffered, pained and patient for the last four decades and more.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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