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Too much silence by Mack Awer Riak-Cairo

10/3/2005 2:12 pm

Every Southern Sudanese is left fuming for the way SPLM succumbed to the Arabs in everything, forgetting the highest cost their people paid all these fifty something years.

One is perplexed that the SPLM rushed so quickly to form the "Unity Government" shortly after the assissination of our Leader, simply because of the pressure from Arabs and other forces of interests who want to capitalize on us.
One agonizing point is the SPLM's 'silence' on the disappearance of our young men in Khartoum in the hands of the enemies whom it is sharing the government with. The sequel continues since the event of July 3o with no end in sight. Everyday peoples disappear while the Movement is silent for the very people it fought the war for 22 years. Why? Just for ministerial positions and representation of X and Y tribe. Were these the objectives and aims of the struggle that left more than two millions dead?

I am appealing to Salva, the President of GOSS to set up a special Comittee, including international observers to investigate the disappearance of our people in Khartoum. There is something behind this barbaric acts. Al Qaeda fighters and supporters of incacerated Jehadist,Hassan El Turabi are behind the killings, that is aimed to undermine the CPA. SPLM and NCP must set up majors to remedy the situation otherwise the fate of Sadiqq El Mahdi's government will overtake you.

SPLM must do something to protect our people. They will be the potential defenders of the South in the near future. You don't know that now sophisticated Tanks and Machine-guns are manufactured in Khartoum for the use against the south-maybe within two years because the Arabs will nugate the CPA and then conquer the South. SPLM must take military development as a priority to the time-running up to 2015. Let us not look to America or other Western powers for protection and freedom. Our issue is a far-fetched gaol becaused the Arab world is behind the Northerners. So our strength and might to protect ourselves and our land is from the people they are now disappearing in your presence.
I am begging the GOSS to press on for investigations to find out why and how many lives lost during the July,30,2005 up todate.
PEOPLE-YOUTH are the strength of the state and people with cause.

Mack Awer Riak

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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