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The Islamic National front protocols to rule the Sudan Part (II) by Sara issa

10/12/2005 2:48 pm

The future of investment in the transitional period
paper presented by the former Ministry of Finance Mr. Abd El Rahim Hamdi at conference held by the ruling Party in the Friendship hall
(1) Introduction
Linking of commissioning between the investment and the transitional period, this period was defined politically in the peace agreement, constitution and prevailing political cultures, which call for making unity attractive in different or some regions of the country. I mean by this to concentrate on service development and production in away that can attract the people of Sudan to preserve the constitutional framework and get benefits from unity in making more economic development.
The commissioning should come from the political party and not from the state .due to this, the answer will be lying in looking for the benefit of the party to utilize the investment during the transitional period in order to achieve gains which can maintain the continuity of the party in ruling the country and keeping a big portion of the political power.
According to that, any useful response to this commissioning must be answered clearly, plainly and without concealing to ensure that our efforts will not be wasted in foolish literatures This to make sure that the tasks of the party are away from the state responsibilities
My paper is answering the following questions:
1-what kind of investment we need??
2-In what direction we need the investment.and in which place or region in the country??
In giving answers to the above questions, we need to know what polices and other procedures should be changed to carry out the targets which become more clear by answering the twice questions listed above.
Main assumptions:
The first assumption: the investment (an inflow of huge internal and external funds which can lead to obvious economic changes) is important policy which needs facilitating of other policies and mechanism, otherwise its effects will run out in way that causing disturbance to the targeted objectives. This paper will take care of policies:
The second assumption: the expected financial funds which supposed to come from Oslo agreement, and from other international and regional institutions, these funds might subject to the delay or come in amount less than the expectations.
The known Donor’s bureaucracy will surround these funds and it will go to specific regions according to the peace agreement (geographical south in its known political boundaries besides Nuba Mountains and south Blue Nile). The incoming Funds will be monitored by special commissions, which direct the money toward these regions. Therefore, it will be out of our hands and the North will not be benefited from them.
On contrary to this, the Arabic and Islamic funds which have already come to the country or in their way to sudan will be lodged on the geographical North, it is easy to make the north attracting those funds which, in turns, it can give some of them to the suburb of south regions and Darfur, thus we must target this kind of investment.
In the North we have personal and official relations with the following investors:
Arabic Funds
Arab and Muslim investors
Islamic development bank & its affiliations
The other Huge investments in the oil sectors are directed keenly now to the North which has recent concessions in blocks 8,9,15,10,12 despite some of the investors will not mind in investing in the south (the new investment in block 5 was given to French , American and Kuwaiti companies which are now struggling with SPLA. Petronas Company had a percentage in block 5A, 5B, in the South it had percentage in blocks 3,7 that in addition to the Chinese who had shares in some blocks. The majority of the oil services (downstream operations) should be necessary Directed to the North where the new blocks exist.
The voting power which can win the coming election (at least 25 million) exists the Geographical North. It begins from Northern states till Sinar, Al gazera, White Nile. Those states are greatly trained on election polling, that beside, their response to the external influences. Those states are very conscious of the education prevailing in their area; the education and conscious make them more demanding for services, production and job opportunities. Hence, the focus should be made here .we are lucky because these areas are so close and reachable . it was linked by asphalt paved roads or air transportation connection, thus, leading election champions in these regions will be easier, faster and cheaper
The third assumptions:
The geopolitical body which I have mentioned above in the Northern Regions (I will call it Dungala – Sinnar – Kurdafan Axis ) will be more harmonized, because it holds the ideas of Arabic and Islamic Sudan in a practical manner .it had grabbed it from ancient Islamic sultanates before hundred of years back . This will smooth the process of setting political /Islamic /rabic collusion which can accommodate this body. Those regions were looking after Sudan in Turkish/ colonial/ independent periods and they are still expensing on sudan even before the discovery of oils
If the others decide to be separated from this body (if it is not political it might be economical by withdrawing huge resources from it) it will be able to act as effective state. This will be realized in a light different picture even if we are dropping Darfur from our accounts. We can make good economic relation with Darfur on case of its separation or passing far from us politically.

Translated by
Sara issa

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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