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Hidden Strength by Mack Awer from Cairo.

10/10/2005 9:43 am

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, Sudan is still opposing to it and refuses to recognise its existence for half a centuary now although Israel plays a role in international arena. Therefore, should the government of Southern Sudan-GOSS take the same old principles on the ground? I hope not. Southern Sudan must opens up to Israel, to declares infront of the world that it recognises Israel and builds relations with her.

Israel has much to offer the South in field of development, health, agriculture, economy and military. I believe it is a wish of every South Sudanese to hear that, soon Israeli Embassy will be set up in Juba. Our relations with the State of 'Chosen Ones' of God, will Strengthen us to acheive our independence. If Southerners and their government behave like a latter, then they will be like White Supremacise of South Africa who during the apartheid, segregated everything and forgetting that they didn't segregated the 'AIR' whom they and Black South Africans were breathing together. So let us not be like Northerners. It is Arab World's stance not to normalise with Israel because of what they termed, "Israel's Occupation of the Arab Land". This sentiment should not be taken by the SPLM because we are not "They".

Rejecting relations with Israel in the South, is an indication that we are still under the North's rule. As Autonomous People, they have no saying in our decisions under the GOSS-for the SPLM is only a partner in GONU. So taking their course, means that we are still under them.
SPLM now is being treated by the NCP as a local party and as not a great partner and example is the case of Dr. Lam Akol, the foreign minister. He went to Addis Ababa with El Basheer for the conference and after the conferenc, everyone saw the former foreign minister, Mustapha Osman Ismail talking to international Journalists and Lam was sidelined. Back in Khartoum, EU's foreign minister, Solana was recieved by the state minister in foreign ministry. They knew in advane that Solana is coming, so they sent Lam to Ethiopia in order not to meet him and there he was marginalised. What is his role and function as a foreign minister of the Sudan if mere advisors can take his position. SPLM must realizes that the positions accorded to them in GONU under the CPA are merely in terms.SPLM,too didn't pay heed to what was called "Ministry of International Cooperation", politically in other terms, it is Foreign Ministry.

For all these realities, SPLM must take measures and place the course rightly so that we can forge our own away to build our state. Making relations with Israel will be a wisiest thing and positive step for the GOSS to do.

After the assissination of Dr. Garang, SPLM has appeared politically unprofessional. They are not a match to the cunning and slippery Northerners, but they must to their people. We are not condemninig the SPLM leadership when we write such articles, but to alert them to take a way so that to achieve our aspirations that they fought for Twenty-two years.

Mack Awer from Cairo.
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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