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sudanese refugees standoff in egypt by Ahmed Osman.

10/10/2005 12:00 am

More than 9 days and still no one is there to answer the question or even address the crowd.
Hundreds of Sudanese refugees from all over the country brought them selves to stand in front of the regional office at Cairo Egypt, old men and women with their little ones, they have been in front of the office for 9 days, day and night to find out the unexplainable silence of that office, only some one like me who will feel, how waiting in front of that office means because I have through the same journey six years ago. It is impossible to find some one to answer your question even if you have granted the refugee status and had that green card which is completely useless now and it is doing nothing to the holder, 9 days for some people left their own homes for the same reason let me out 7 years ago form Sudan, the same regime is still holding up there with the support of other countries around the world after signing that agreement with Southern rebels two month ago, the same faces are still there holding up on food water and milk for the little ones, even the air and the light is there to be distributed by the government, when I finish this e-mail the Sudanese refugee stand off will count out 10 long days, 10 days counted out from the heart of the free world shamefully looking at these people as none human and that also will be counted out of the history of UNHCR the organization that been called now by that crowd (the UN-united nations) or the divided nations for the dark face that shaped her history in that particular area (Cairo), people are suffering to see an officer walking out&;from that office to answer their questions, or just to tell them that, we still considering your case, we still have your papers in our office and sooner we will take appropriate action but that is just a dream we all had since we were there.
Amazingly some people just got to the country (Egypt) and they have their papers done to move to their new homes in USA or Australia? Also you will never find an officer to answer this question for you!!
Shame on us if we kept silent because we have been through the same station, the station that we will never forget, the kind of treatment and the kind of people in that office, they always represent the lake-Ness of humanity and the cruelness of the human being against his brother.
People from Sudan are suffering in Egypt and looking for some one genuine to answer their simple questions, are they going to be part of that country? are they going to be sent home? are they going to be resettled and sent to their new homes or simply they need to continue their life in front of that office until the CNN find out?

Please check the link above for some pictures and the report.
Acopy of this e-mail has been sent to the CNN and other TV channels in USA.



اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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