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SPLM\A LEADERSHIP WILL ALWAYS SURVIVE ! by Madit Buot Kuet and Michael Apollo Guot

11/26/2005 5:41 am


A few days ago, a certain anonymous group claiming to represent Agar
communities in Diaspora, issued what it called petition, addressed to the
First Vice President and Chairman of the SPLMA Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The said petition heaped untold insults and abuse on Mr. Salva Kiir ,
accusing him of harboring grudge and hatred against the Agar people. The
group also accused Mr. Salva Kiir of his relentless efforts to marginalize
the Agar people and of his unquenched thirst for power and of his betrayal
of the cause by allying with what the group called the greedy Southern
Sudanese political vultures.

Furthermore, the group accused Mr. Salva Kiir of having violated what they
called the requirements of the Interim Constitution And to prove their
point, the said group alleged that five names from the Lakes Province,
including members of Agar community, were nominated, but Mr. Salva Kiir
ignored that list and made his own appointments out of the list and in
violation of the requirements of the Interim Constitution. That is when
the group felt; beyond any doubt that Mr. Salva Kiir is waging a cold war
against the Agar people.

We the following undersigned individuals, and as members of Agar people,
firmly believed in the freedom of expression as a fundamental right, but
when this freedom of expression turns into incitement, slander and preaching
of hatred, it loses its meaning and demands a response. That is why we
decided to response and to clarify certain points in that petition as

1.We believe that any tribal section, whether Agar or other, is not a
political entity. If there is any constitution that stipulates the
allocation of Governments positions according to tribal sections, as the
group alleges, that constitution would be a disaster. How many tribal
sections do we have in Southern Sudan and how big the government would be
should the positions be allocated according to tribal sections? Recent
history in Rwanda and other places including Southern Sudan, teaches us that
exploiting tribalism in politics ruins nations.

The SPLM\A has been fighting to create a New Sudan where all people would be
equal irrespective of their tribes. Mr. Salava Kiir is one of the SPLMA
soldiers who believes in and fought for that noble idea, and now is being
blamed for having ignored the tribal list and thereby has violated the
requirements of the Interim Constitution.
What are those constitutional requirements? Does the Interim Constitution
allocate power to tribal sections and allows tribes to nominate their
members for governments positions? We are amazed by such logic and
completely failed to understand those constitutional requirements.

2. The said group also accused Mr. Salva Kiir of having unquenched thirst
for power, where his State , War rap has the First Vice presidency ,
presidential Advisor and two state ministers at the national level , and at
the regional level he has the presidency, Supreme Court Chief justice,
Deputy speaker and three ministerial positions and is about to grab the
position of the Chief of the Staff of the SPLA.

It seems to us that, the said group is either laboring under tremendous
misconception or totally ignorant of so many facts including power sharing
both at the national and regional levels, or is deliberately distorting and
twisting facts to suit their purposes. For example, Mr. Tor Deng Mawien who
is a devoted member of the National Congress of Mr. Omer El-Bashir holds the
position of the deputy speaker. He is not a member of the SPLMA. The
Nation Congress according to power sharing agreement nominated him to that
position. Mr. salva Kiir has nothing to do with it. The group should have
protested to Mr. El-Bashir for nor appointing Agar member to that position
while he knows very well that there is a good number of Agar Muslim brothers
in his party. Why then blaming Mr. Salva Kiir for something he had no
hand in it? Is that the undeclared, unprovoked and hidden cold war Mr. salva
Kiir is waging against the Agar people, as the group alleges? Who is waging
that cold war? Is it Mr. Salva Kiir or the group? May the Almighty help us!

3.Furthermore, the group accused Mr. Salva Kiir of having drifted away from
the SPLA\M and became more intimate with what the group called a bunch of
greedy Southern Sudanese political vultures, and that Mr. salva is not
aware of the invisible hand of the (NIF) behind the confusion.

These are very serious accusations of high treason against Mr.Salva Kiir who
has devoted all his life for the struggle and who has never changed sides.
And at the same time, without any remorse, the group says We have not a
grudge of any sort against you (Mr. Salva Kiir) and that you deserve respect
of all Southern Sudanese!
Where is that respect? Accusing him of waging undeclared war against a
tribal section, greed for power and turning his back to the SPLAM is the

Why underestimating Mr. Salva Kiir? What makes the group think that they are
more politically matured than Mr. Salva Kiir? Is it because Mr. Salva Kiir
lacks tribal inclination the group has?

Well, those who claim governments position based on tribalism may also be
called political hyenas which is synonymous to political vultures. Those
political hyenas could well be exploited by the (NIF) as tools for confusion
and division. In this situation is Mr. Salva required to join the political
hyenas or political vultures? If he does, he might end up in the belly of
either vulture or hyena as a nice meal.

We believe that Mr. Salva Kiir is a loyal SPLAM member who will never
betray the cause and will never dismantle the SPLA.

3.In their conclusion, the group urged Mr. Salva Kiir to rectify his wrongs
by appointing their nominees to ministerial positions as remedy for their
grievances. The positions are: - (1) minister for SPLA Affairs, (2)
Minister for Co-operatives and Rural development; and (3) Chief Justice of
the Southern Sudan.
The group also threatened Mr. Salva if he fails to meet their demands, the
group will pull out and keep a low profile! (As if to say that you Mr. Salva
will never service without us!) SPLM\A Leadership has always survived and
will survive!

We believe that those people who have been nominated by the group are
members of the SPLA\M. The SPLM\A leadership is aware of their
qualifications, and the nominees themselves do not need any tribal section
to back them up.

That is our response that we will never deny!

Signed by: -

(1) Madit Buot Kuet
(2) Michael Apollo Guot

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