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Re: Aword of Advise to a sheer fool,Nuer chairman and his supporters. BY MADIT MAGOT IN AUSTRALIA..

11/20/2005 7:09 am

Dear naive and bastard brain empty politician Gatluak,
I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with your childish utterances on our beloved president salva and Dinka as a whole.
your commonsenses should tell you rightly if not naive that the second war between nuer and Dinka this time will force nuer cowards to surrender or run back to nuerland with faeces bulging at their buttocks/ jeans.This time it will not be civilians versus nuer mad dogs but a war of opportunity to averge the 1991 massacre of Bor civilians.
At this juncture i believe the Arab elites were right when they created a saying that "WHEN A PERSON SPILL SACKS OF SUGAR ALL THE WAY TO KHARTOUM ,THE NUER WILL LICK IT UNTIL THEY REACHED KHARTOUM".this phrase was made by Arabs in full view of your mental power thought.
may i reveal to all shortsighted nuer leaders and their supporters that the secret behind Dinka power to rule is rooted in positive and peaceful approach of any matter .Therefore ,unless you imitate and instil Dinka formula of matters approach ,you Nuer and your colleagues will forever be ruled by Dinka even if he is a child of nine years old.Because your "War solution mentality "will not give you a chance to rule as long as a Dinka woman or child is alive and able. Remember that without Dinka perseverance and forgiveness of the atrocities you committed on Bor in 1991 ,there would have been no southsudan govt in which you now claim ministerial position.
The Dinka have the saying that the home fighting has been left to Dogs who cannot fathom the important of peace and harmony in the society.Hence if Nuer elites does not abandon misleading their illiterate masses ,they will reap the dire consequences historically as well as phsically in term of lives.After all Nuer people must have realise the reality that"a dead nuer warrior can not ressurrect to live " as alleged by prophet Ngundeng.
To spoon feed you with the fact as to why Dinka seem to be Dinkanizing other southern tribes ,Dinka is a tribe whose pride is naturally embedded and thus envy taking a slave attitude but rather prefer control of any situation even though it costs lives.secondly ,Dinka is the largest tribe in the south and has been fighting the enemy with money Arabised brethren.If nobody among our brothers to appreciate the achievement Dinka has made ,then Dinka has to clap his hands to thank himself and be wary of slave hearted brothers.BY MADIT MAGOT IN AUSTRALIA..

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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