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I AM THE NEW SUDAN by Lem Alfred Minyiel-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

11/19/2005 9:35 pm

I am the New Sudan born in Asmara,

The beginning was in the bushes of Bor and Mangala.

I am the New Sudan of … ancestors,

Where the youth took to arms,

There appears another spark in the East,

Sooner or later Barbar, Bara, and Atbra,

In the North will join the feast.

The New Sudan is Sudan of New Ideas,

Not of the past teachings we learned,

In the schools or the Khalw’s,

We can not follow the stale ideas,

Of Turabi and the N.I.F cliques,

That classifies people into Northerners

Southerners Adroubs and Westerners,

Tell you what man!!! ….No, No, No.

Self-determination for any.

In the New Sudan we are equal and merry,

From Bantu, Barbar, Bara, and Atbara.

Juba, Geneina, and Nuba Mountains,

Abyei, Umdurman, and Umruaba together.

All these places and others form the New Sudan.

I am the New Sudan, with new spirit,

New blood forgetting the olden days of Wretchedness,

New Sudan with new ideas with respect,

To its diverse cultures of the diverse regions,

Were born from Dungla up to the Bor and Mangala.

No more Turabi’s ideologies and the cliques,

We no longer say these are southerners,

And those are Northerners.

No more Adroubs to be scorned or Westerners,

For the New Sudan was born in Asmara.

No more Turabi’s ideologies and the cliques,

No more caring about of pistols and penned-knives

No more caring about of spears,

The weapons of the down-trodden people’s

No more Palace entry only for Jaali’s and Dunglai’s

I have forgotten all these….

For the New Sudan was born in Asmara.

In which every idea is novel,

And everything is as strong as iron steel.

BY: Lem Alfred Minyiel

Civil Engineering Technologist

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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