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letter to the editor, from Fur International Association Australia -Victoria, Australia

11/13/2005 8:54 pm

Dear editor,

We are Darfur group in Australia sending you this article to be published in Sudanese online. We appreciate your help to many people to have their voices heared. Thank you

The recent quarrel over SLM leadership which occurred between founding president and secretary general will collapse the movement and the jeopardize of cause of people of Darfur if continue. The Sudanese government may size this opportunity to split the SLM even more if the SLM executives do not pay enough attention and settle their differences as soon as possible. The speculation about leadership crisis is damaging the movement’s reputation and is not serving the interests of the movement and the people of Darfur. Such crisis particularly at this time will send wrong message to SLM`s supporters and may frustrate freedom fighters on ground. There is no doubt that both Abdel wahid and Minawi are heroes and qualified to lead the SLM but this is not the right time to rise leadership issue.

For the progress and the unity of SLM it is better for them to trust each other and put an end to their disputes internally. All SLM supporters need to stand behind the current president Abdel Wahid and allow him to lead the movement as we can all see that the movement has done very well under his leadership since its inception two years ago. People of Darfur in Australia hope that such disputes between SLM leaders are settled peacefully and that SLM leaders concentrate on their efforts against the oppressed regime of Sudan. Live- Live –Live- SLM – Victory is soon

Fur International Association Australia

Victoria, Australia

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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