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THE SUDAN IN CASE OF UNITY By Stanslaus Lowala Abodi-Moshi-Tanzania

5/3/2005 3:26 pm

After the horrible experiences that the Sudanese people underwent during the long civil war we need to offer some guidelines in case of the unity of the nation. I think the need to work hand in hand to create a new Sudan is of a great value. Furthermore, after thorough investigations through the contemporary political history of Africa and most especially that of the Sudan, I came to the understanding that peace, stability, good and capable leadership is what we lack. Actually the search for these missing treasures is the debate of today’s political circles. But the most difficult question is how this can be a reality. As for now, the southern Sudan has signed a Comprehensive Peace Accord with the Khartoum government; can we say that there is no more war? Well, the agreement has been signed in the papers but what about its implications; what about Darfur? Actually the daily dehumanisation of the people in Darfur region worries me a lot about the future of the political stability in the Sudan. Nonetheless, I don’t want to be looked at as a pessimist about what is happening, but I think it is good sometimes to show some concern. However, pessimism will not prevent me from giving suggestion about the type of political system that the Sudan needs for this new transitional period.

Well, the most important thing that we need to be aware of is that the people of the Sudan need peace and stability not only in the south but also everywhere in the four corners of the Sudan. Moreover, the Sudanese do not need another “Machiavellian” leader or the advice given in The Prince to bring them peace and unify their nation because this type of leadership had proved a great failure to the nation. Machiavellism brought instead more terror to the people. The new Sudan that we expect does not needs a military regime that turns everyday life into military discipline. In fact this fashion also proved its failure in meeting the peoples need; however, it proved ‘success’ in creating authoritarianism in the country. Moreover, this newly born country does not need a religious charismatic leadership who undermines other religions and causes all the atrocities that the country is still experiencing its painful wounds.

However, the Sudan which we dream of needs a leader or system that realizes the democratic dream of equality, justice, peace, cooperation; with equal and full opportunities for education, full and useful employment, health and the creation of those circumstances in which man can have the chance to live by the values that gives meaning to life. Here I am talking about a ruler who will change the Sudan into a place where men and women walk erect, in the spirit of the “one people and different colours.” The new Sudan needs a system that unites all and addresses the needs of its people equally without favouritism. The great philosopher of all times Aristotle in his politics says, “The aim of all political organizations is to promote the good life for their citizens. For the state is well organized when it is so organized as to fulfil its aim.” What Aristotle is talking about is in fact the political system, which the new Sudan needs. The new Sudan needs the government that cares for the good of all the citizens and opens its doors for the dialogue between its people. Moreover, the political system we dream of in the Sudan should be able to address its social development and should re-establish friendly relations with the neighbouring countries. I am certain that the Sudanese are just like other people of the world, who share common striving for the celebration of life and the attainment of the good as the end of their existence.

Nonetheless, I would conclusively like to believe that there is an urgent that we educate the Sudanese people about the culture of peace and how to live in unity and harmony with each other. This will only be possible when there is openness to dialogue and willingness to change, but the most important is the acceptance of the other as a member of the same family with equal rights to share the natural resources. However, the need to plant some new values in our societies is of great value, which will set foundation for responsible citizenship and encourage the society to involve itself actively in rebuilding the nation. Therefore there is a great need for national reconciliation as a step forward to permanent stability, avoidance of tribalism, equal sharing of the national wealth and positive use of the human resources for the common good. Nevertheless, the values that encourage interest and participation in large social issues as opposed to mere self-centeredness are necessary to maintain the new democratic atmosphere that is in the process of creation in the nation.


Stanslaus Lowala Abodi


i'm a sudanese young man. i'm studying in Tanzania.i would like to share my view with the all sudanese.

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