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5/24/2005 6:06 am


Afeef Al-Akhdar who accused of writing a ridiculous book about Islam.


I do not hesitate to say that many names of which they have the title thinker in our Islamic – Arabic world are very similar to the false prophets whom we have heard about them in the Holy Bible: “ Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them ’’

Now I am so bold to talk about specific name, Al-Afeef Al-Akhdar who accused of writing a ridiculous book about Islam and the Prophet. As it was said I recognized this false thinker by his fruit. Last month we had disturbances in Khartoum because of that ridiculous book which named in Arabic: “Al-maghool Fee Hayat Al-Rasool”. But no one asked about the real author of the book. I do not belong to those who want to loose their time in crying and stoning a mistaken unlucky newspaper. They can hope and wait for a grievous punishment to be against the newspaper, but still my point of view they had been misinformed in the beginning of the problem. I am open to correction if I am wrong but I think they did like what in the Sudanese proverb: “When you can see the elephant, why you lunge his shadow ”

Yes, I am waiting for the judgment also, but in the same time I am waiting for more information about the real author of the book. Yes, I can say that with out fear of contradiction, and in the same time I highly appreciative those who declared their love to our Prophet peace be and mercy upon him. They did righteous work indeed, but they have barley touched one of many points in the problem and missed the rest which are more important.

Bear with me when I say it the first time for me I can feel the depth of problem of piety without knowledge. There was crowds every where surrounding the court, and shouting “ We will punish the judge if he do not kill the journalist who published part of the book even he did that by a mistake or not ”

In the same time, and far away the real author of the book was thinking about a new book and a new problem.

Al-Afeef Al-Akhdar 70 years old, who lives in Paris and also there he prints his ridiculous books which made nothing but such disturbances and troubles among Islamic communities.

Al-Afeef Al-Akhdar wrote “How to moderate Islam ”, and French elites are very happy with Afeef’s Islam.The new modern version of Islam, with one believer Al-Afeef Al-Akhdar, the great philosopher and nobody else.

Al-Afeef wrote last week about conspiracy against him made by the Islamic leader Rashid Al-Ganooshi , “Al-Nahda movement wants to kill me ” Al-Afeef said in a website.

I have no ward to add. And will make no mystery of Al-Afeef, he is a tool among many tools of conspiracy of the (new great middle east).

Just that and nothing else!

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