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The African Union Mission in Darfur must end by Abdelmaged Eissa Ibrahim-USA

5/11/2005 4:38 pm

The suffering of the people of Darfur have been
evident for almost 27 months. The African Uion is
failed to get the job done as a monitor.The people of
Darfur are under mercy of the brutal sudanese regime
and its aline malitia of Janjaweed . no serious
action has taken to protect civilians.

Since february 2003, Darfur is became the most
dangerous area in the world, the most recent estimates
from different sources explain over 400,000 people
have been killed, more than 2 million people have been
internally displaced, some 200 thousand were fled in
to Chad, in addition to thousands have missed in rural
Darfur. Every living creature in Darfur has been
abused, even land has been abused by burning farms,
cutting trees, and distroying buildings to change land
The Khartoums regime and its aline Arab malitia of
Janjaweed are deliberately distroying Darfurs
community to reshape the Demographic, social,
economic, and political realities of Darfur to give
Arab tribal groups means of power and domination over
African indigenous tribes forgeting along history of
peacefull life between all tribal groups in Darfur.
Despite more than a year of African union monitoring
in Darfur, there is nothing change on the ground so
that the presence of AU mission in Darfur is
meaningless for many reasons :
- The AU is suffering from lack of experience,
qualifications, and logestic support to does its
mission as a monitor or peace keeper .
- The AU has taken 6 months to transport some 2,000
forces in to the Darfur, it needs a year more to
transport another 6000 personnel to complete its force
and by that time the mortality rate will have
increased to one third of Darfurs population of 6
million, because under AU mission in Darfur the
mortality increased from 10,000 people to 400,000
people were died and the number is going up.
- The AUs 2,200 personnel in the present or 7,500
personnel by August 2005 or possibly 12,300 by spring
of next year and their deployment over a region the
size of France is impossible to perform their task.
- The ability and capacity of AU force un able to
stop the brutality of Khartoums military junta , the
barbarian Arab malitia of Janjaweed, and the popular
defence forces which are notoriety of killing, raping,
and distroying whatever on their path.
Besides all this weakness of African Union forces, the
African leaders also unwilling to avert this genocidal
war against civilians. African leaders stressed their
rejection of all foreign intervention in what they
called purely African question or African solutions
for African problems.
The Arab league is once another refused to accept
even the possibility that genocide is being commited
by an Arab government. Egypt has been particularly
effective behind the scenes in working to forestall
such ajudgment. For that reason the Egyptian presidant
el-Mubarak has been worked hard to find impunity
climate for Khartoums genocidaires by decorating their
The UN Security Council as International body has to
response to avert on going humanitarian catostrophe in
Darfur to protect civilians and humanitarian worker on
the ground and the AU demands for NATOs help will
open another dietly chapter of waiting for AU to
secure entire region of Darfur, so that the AU mission
in Darfur must end .
Time is running out for the people of Darfur, the
international communitys intervention to protect
civilians is an urgently required because this job
will not be done unless there is strong military
forces like NATO or International peace keepers with
strong mandate of civilian protection.

Abdelmaged Eissa Ibrahim

[email protected]
phone(260) 602-1617


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