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Mendacity of the top Khartoum Janjawid bandits by AM Mohamedain

3/27/2005 9:10 am

Mendacity of the top Khartoum Janjawid bandits

Reality seen and experienced by many will hardly be reversed by a handful obdurate Janjawid deputies, however hard they attempt to undo. It is a fact, frequently bequeathed by perpetrators, that a murderer does not accept being conceived as an evil advocate in the absence of the just rule of law. Deliberate erroneous beliefs in their misdeeds, naivety in their attempt to deceive others and their baseless denial of having committed crimes, even if they have been caught read handed at the ocean of crime scenes, compose vital and inherent ingredients of their moral integrity, if they ever had any noble value.

Subterfuge and artifice Khartoum regime officials, the masters of genocide campaign in Darfur, can hardly survive without. In his recent interview with The Washington post, the chief executive officer of Janjawid, Ali Osman Taha, said all except the genuine truth when he, without face, referred to the perpetrators as being“ …beyond the government’s immediate control.” Incongruity lies in the fact that he, as Janjawid top commander, pretends ignorance of his deeds committed against the innocent people of Darfur: crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing.
He emphatically said that the government had “ no intent to go on a military track.”, appearing as being concerned about the crimes he and his Janjawid militia have been and are still committing. However, his boss Omar Al-Bashir vowed vociferously that no other alternative would be considered other than the logic of power. Invariably that confirms the enormity of the evil nature of the Khartoum regime.

Intolerance of accepting opposite views amounts to the point of reality complex in the conscience of Khartoum regime’s deranged Janjawid lieutenants. Denial of the naked facts, substantiated by many rational minds, nourishes their habitual means fallacy for survival. Their conscience urges them to negate what is true and vehemently believe in what is conspicuously false. They call the horrendous crimes in Darfur, such as raping and killing, Jihad. While the rest of the world has, without dispute, called war crime, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. They bombed with machine guns and antanoves, raped and murdered. They have been and still are the evil forces behind the immense destructions of villages, mass murder and total obliteration of Darfur. They believe in what they guess and reject what has been verified as virtual truth by others. The minister of agriculture, the evil force in the destruction and killing activities in Darfur, Mazoub Khalifa, vowed that the negotiations with Darfur movements will still remain under the auspices of the confidence-lacking AU, without acknowledging the demands of the movements, clearly reiterated, that the perpetrators, including himself, must first be apprehended at an international criminal court.

It is not novel deep in their conscience that they gravely offended persistent in continuing to violate the integrity of the entire humanity in executing their impertinent assumptions when they have committed immense atrocities in Darfur. With all their methods of deception, hypocrisy and denial of truth, they are just postponing the time when they will be made to endure the punishment they dearly deserve. The day of reckoning by the rule of law will neither tolerate the abominable terrorist behaviors of Khartoum regime nor the notoriousness of their crimes, unless they are lucky enough to depart life earlier.
No one and definitely not genocide campaigners, like Majzoub Khalifa or Ali Osman Taha, will impose their lopsided views on the movements. Sudan Liberation Movement made it clear: apprehension first, then negotiations with non criminals second. Realizing the corrupt environment of AU leadership, international involvement has, with high emphasis, been given an insistent priority to the impending resumption of talks.

AM Mohamedain
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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