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Boundless evilness against Darfur & the entire humanity by AM Mohamedain-NL

3/17 9:03pm

Gloomy, embryonic and avaricious tendencies saturated not only by the inability of accepting the opposite perspectives but also by chronic hatred of mankind quite often result to immeasurably horrendous undertaking to the point of most severest proportion. These maxims are inseparable attributes of the spiritual engineers, top Khartoum regime lieutenants, of ethnic cleansing in Darfur. Khartoum leaders have, not only without any regret, brutally waged war against innocent Darfurians but are still, with vehemence, deliberately carrying on their abominable atrocities: killing males, raping women, rampaging, destroying villages, throwing children in to wells and annihilating black African existence with utterly infinite impunity.

Due to their stubbornness, Khartoum officials still view the calls of international community to cease atrocities in Darfur as worthless, futile and irrelevant as long as these efforts do not support regime’s diabolic endeavours. They are, furthermore, antagonistic to the universal norms and values of human rights. The justice minister Ali Yassin, one of the highest ranking Janjawid officials, struggled to delude UN commission on human rights in Geneva on March the 14th, by replicating his regime’s triviality of saying what they never intend to do. In respect to the worse humanitarian situation in Darfur, Yassin reaffirmed “the government’s full commitment to implementation of the humanitarian and ceasefire protocols signed by Khartoum in 2004 with the two rebel movements.” This has never been more than a series of delusions and falsifications that the masters of menace do not adhere to the commitments of what they say. While Yassin was fabricating lies in Geneva, Ali Osman Taha was, simultaneously, in Darfur spiritually fuelling his gangs to relentlessly increase the atrocities, with fully assured impunity.

On 16th March, the evil hands had gone further than tormenting innocent people of Darfur. The venom has targeted the humanitarian workers in Darfur, contrarily to what Yassin stated earlier. Humanitarian workers of different NGOs has been terrorised and are living under a constant threat and brutal harassments from Janjawid, the best allies of Khartoum regime. According to Jan Pronk, UN envoy in Sudan, “The Janjawid militia have said that they will now target all foreigners and all UN humanitarian convoys. So, we have withdrawn all people to El-Geneina.” Such unprecedented way of thinking coincided with the visit of the genocide mastermind Al Osman M. Taha who undoubtedly reinforced his destructive instructions to his fellow marauders. Consecutively, the security and humanitarian situation has dramatically exacerbated.

In the meantime, the inability and the lack of will depicted in AU as mediator has reach the final point of no-solving any problem in the region. While, the leaders of movements are calling for apprehension of the criminals either by ICC or other tribunal endorsed by international community, Obasanjo becomes a layer in front of the rule of law to take its course. Without any ignominy, the Nigerian note addressed to EU proposed an “African panel for criminal justice and reconciliation.” It said the proposal enjoyed “the support of the government of Sudan.” The party that committed such horrible crimes against humanity in Darfur has the privilege of gaining excessive support from AU. Disregarding the consequences clearly explained by the chairman of SLM/A and ignoring the will of international community in trying those criminals by an international tribunal outside Sudan, AU is no better than those Khartoum officials who abuse the integrity of humanity. As such AU assassinated a glimpse of hope the people of Darfur were expecting from any source where impartiality, decency and honesty are core values.

Since Sudan is a lawless state governed by a few unethical notorious abusers of humanity, the solution to the people of Darfur from AU is far more remote than the remaining people of Darfur will live to experience. The alternatives are clear: either the international community has to take the lead to restore the rule of law forsaken by AU in the interest of a few corrupt African leaders similar to their Sudanese counterparts or the brave and fearless youth of Darfur will, with strong determination and perseverance, struggle to restore the peace and security to their remaining loved ones as International community seems to have failed them protecting from extinction.

AM Mohamedain

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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