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Rizeigat Tribe Role in Darfur's Warfare By Elhadi Adam Elomda

3/16 4:46am

By Elhadi Adam Elomda
[email protected]
March 16, 2005

Rizeigat Tribe Role in Darfur's Warfare

Historically, the Sudanese Rizeigat tribe was considered the fuels of
the Sudanese warfare engine. This nomadic Arab tribe quickly responds
to the government's call to fight alongside the government troops.
Rizeigat tribe backed the Sudanese government militias under different
names and on multiple occasions. For example, in southern warfare they
backed government troops under Marahillian militias. In effect, most
pastoral Arabic tribes joined the Marahilian militias in order to
fight the southern rebels. However, in case of Darfur warfare the
position of the Rizeigat tribe was quite diverse. For example, some of
Rizeigat tribe leaders refused to join the government troops under
Janjaweed Militias in order to exterminate the rebels. These rebels
descend mostly from the African tribes.
The Rizeigat leader Madibo rejected the government's demand to
mobilize his tribes' members in order to join the government troops
under the Janjaweed militias. Madibo, refused to recruit his tribes
members because the government used Rizeigat tribe members as fuel in
southern warfare engine. However, after the war ended the government
forgot to completely develop the Rizeigat area. In addition, the
government did not give any consideration to the Rizeigat leader role
in the southern peace process although he played a vital role in
making several reconciliations between the southern tribes and nomadic
Arab tribes. Furthermore, Madibo might consider the religious and
marriageable relations between his tribe and the African tribes. Mr.
Madibo might have learned that the modern world will not tolerate the
barbarian crime that committed by the nomad Arab tribes in general.
Consequently, he decided to maintain the reputation and the face of
his tribes.
On the other hand, some of the Rizeigat tribe clan, Shattiya, refused
to follow their leader Madibo's directions. This is because they would
like to benefit from the opportunity of collapsing law and order in
Darfur to pillage the livestock of vulnerable people. Also, they
would like to chase the African farmers from their land in order to
gain more area to graze their animals. Moreover, they would like to
obey the traditional agreement among the nomadic Arab tribes such as
Altajamo Arabi Agreement, which obligate any nomadic Arab tribe to
comply with the mobilization of its sister nomadic Arab tribe.
Nevertheless, some observers attribute the motive behind the
participation of the Shattiya clan of Rizeigat tribes in the conflict
has two angles. One of which is because of the government minister
Abdu-Elhameed Musa Kasha from the Rizeigat sub-clan, which is a rival
of the Madibo family, wants to please his boss Omer Elbasher by
pushing his sub-clan to fight along with Janjaweed militias . The
second reason is that by arming this sub-clan, further pressure is put
on Madibo to join the Janjaweed militia.
In conclusion, because of Mr. Abdu-Elhameed Musa Kasha's position of
backing the Janjaweed, the areas north and southeast of the state
capital, Nyala, have become the target for genocide and displacement.
The Abdu-Elhameed militias attacked many villages in tandem with
government forces as well as independently. Some of these villages
are: Shariya province villages, Yassin area, Labanti, Fasha ,Abu
Dileig, Almutowrat villages, Engabow villages, and the Almajeria
village. There are many people that have been killed and displaced
from different tribes such as Dajo, Gimr, Bergit, Bergou, Dajo,
Zaghawa, Berttiand Dinka, and Al-Maalia. In spite of the killing and
displacement, many of the people in these areas appreciate Mr.
Madibo's courageous position not to join the Janjaweed Militias.

By Elhadi Adam Elomda
[email protected]
March 16, 2005

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