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Obasanjo and Khartoum’s anti-philanthropist tyrants against Darfur by Ahmed M Mohamedain

3/14 4:47pm

Obasanjo and Khartoum’s anti-philanthropist tyrants against Darfur

Most of the African leaders have an unshakeably common attribute in their veins against the mass majority but quite often in favour of a few oppressors, dictators and corrupt autocrats per-excellence. Olusegun Obasanjo, has failed de test to be excluded from this category. As present African Union Chair and Nigerian President, he committed the most appalling crime against the innocent people of Darfur when he said “Things are looking greatly better in Darfur.,” following discussion of the crisis with master mind of Darfur ethnic cleansing campaign, Omer Beshir, February 16, 2005. More gravely enough he did not conceal his hatred towards the people of Darfur when he advocates that those who committed horrendous crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing should not be brought to justice.
Several illicit deals might have been attempted to be concealed from the eye of honesty. Either Obasanjo has been dishonest to his rational mind or the price, offered by the Janjawid architect, Ali Osman Taha, was overwhelmingly irresistible to the chosen few of the corrupt officials. No sober rationale of a living human being will doubt about punishing the proven guilty of immeasurable crimes against humanity. UN secretary general Mr Annan cited that while the government has issued "numerous statements" suggesting its willingness to hold talks with Darfur rebels, it has not stopped Janjaweed militias from attacking civilians, nor has it acted swiftly or decisively to end impunity for human rights abusers. Still AU fights to prove the innocence notorious criminals.
To commit a high treason against the decisions of AU summit held in Adiss Ababa July 2004 regarding the situation in Darfur, Obasanjo has given a bad name not only to the AU but severely so to the undefended and innocent people of Darfur and humanity in its entirety. By this, AU has strongly justified it’s biasness to the camp of those who do not hesitate to obliterate the innocent people of Darfur. Credibility of such an organisation is questionable.

Therefore, solid ground of impartiality is genuinely absent in the position chosen by AU. It has contributed greatly to the futility of its position and ineffectiveness of its role as peace maker in Darfur. Under these conditions, peace and political settlement has been aborted long before it has been thought of.
For the people of Darfur, expecting rescue from AU, after what has been implied by Obasanjo is a far fetched dream that many will never survive to live, similar to the traveller in the desert running after the mirage for water. Instead of being a tiny window of hope, AU seems to be wide door from which Khartoum Janjawid commanders get their blessings. Defending those committed gruesome atrocities against humanity in the recent history, you are no less than the major league of human rights abuser and, in the eyes of those innocent in the region of Darfur, the monster Janjawid.

All Darfurians vehemently support both SLM/A and JEM in their feasible judgement when they resorted to the policy of “bring the perpetrators to the justice and then let us negotiate with people of conscience.” It would be wiser enough if the leaders of the movements cease completely going to Abuja where the impartiality resides at the expense of the innocent people of Darfur.
There has never been an attempt to rein the Janjaweed's by their top commanders of the Sudanese regime. Likewise, there will never be an end to impunity for the killers as long as they have solid backing from AU. Consequently, the people of Darfur would better die with honour rather than wait protection from the institution that seems to have been contaminated by people who are hesitant to punish the criminals. The alternative is to UN, EU, NATO, US and the coalition of good faith to take over their human responsibility.
AM Mohamedain

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