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Criminals of Atrocities in Darfur by Ahmed M. Mohamedain

6/19/2005 9:25 am

Criminals of Atrocities in Darfur

Malevolent force must not be given any opportunity to prosper. Despite its undisputable record of gross violations against humanity committed in Darfur, Khartoum regime is still resolute in its attempt both to avoid accountability of the heavy violations against humanity and to further expand the magnitude of its evil genocidal policies in Darfur. New invented tactics of perpetrations, unjust arrest of humanitarian aid workers, setting up of the artificial court are a few attempts exemplifying the malignant endeavors of the despicably cruel and bloodthirsty Khartoum regime.

Unsatisfied by the mass killings of the innocents, rapes of women and girls, pillaging and aerial bombardments of the villages and farming areas in Darfur, the Sudanese regime has invented, and constantly promoting, new methods to entirely wipe out the remaining defenseless genocide survivors. The use of scattered water sources and wells as trap to ensnare the civilians frequent to get water supplies has become the most favorite tactic to kill as much people as possible with minimum effort required. Most recently, on June 1st, Janjawwed militiamen and government forces attacked Tormeez well, 9 km north of the town of Kuttum, leaving behind one dead, another seriously injured and the rest fled into the bush abandoning their belongings behind. Remains of dead animals and other toxic materials are usually thrown into those water sources by the Janjweed militias and government forces to ensure that civilians, who escaped the trap, will face their eventual fatal doom next time.

Immediately following the ICC prosecutors decision to investigate mass slaughters and rapes in Darfur, Sudan was quick to announce the formation of the specially contrived court for Darfur, claiming it would be a substitute to the International Criminal Court. The court contrived by Sudanese regime, the senior members of which, as professor Reeves refers, are among the 51 names referred to the ICC under sealed indictment totally lacks credibility, competence and impartiality. The court set up by the perpetrators will undoubtedly legitimize the grave violations against humanity and enhance impunity. It is simply impossible to believe that these ruthless survivalists would permit the creation of a Sudanese court that will hold them in any way accountable. pronounced Mr. Reeves. It is obvious that so called national court for Darfur made up by the Sudanese regime is not more than a tactic by the Sudanese government to avoid prosecution by the International Criminal Court said Kolawle Olaniyan, director of Amnesty Internationals Africa Program. The intention of the Sudanese regime behind forging a contrived court for Darfur is not only to crack down on those who portray and disapprove of the gross war crimes but also to fortify the protection of the involved notorious criminals.

To erase the traces of mass graves to avoid being used as evidence, the Sudanese authorities are desperate to get rid of those who might possibly posses the evidences that deeply incriminate the top regime officials. The regime starts hunting down humanitarian aid workers by threatening, harassing and aggressive attacking them. The recent arrest of the staff members of Medecin Sans Frontiers depicts the adamant antagonistic attitude of Sudanese regime against whoever exerts efforts to alleviate the suffering of the innocent civilians of Darfur. Instead of apprehending the architects of crimes against humanity and war crimes, the Sudanese regime harasses, threatens and arrests those who expose the plight of victims, the crimes that the Sudanese regime has deliberately orchestrated. This comes at the moment that 3.25 million Darfuri facing the height of hunger season as announced by World Food Program on June 16th.

The obdurate Khartoum regime continues boosting fertile environment for the culture of impunity to thrive. The perpetrators, Janjaweed militias and government officials, are still roaming Darfur, killing, raping and terrorizing innocents civilians in Darfur and unjustly arresting those who associate themselves with Darfur in the capital Khartoum. In his recent visit to Kalma camp late May, UN secretary general, Mr Annan, descried the conditions as heart-wrenching, warning that the culture of impunity that has taken hold in Darfurmust stop as the growing insecurity in certain areas will only make the delivery of humanitarian aid that much more difficult.

The launching of Darfur war crimes probe by ICC sent a clear signal to the perpetrators that the time has come to stir the wheels of justice for the victims of atrocities. It is the period of deep agitation as echoed by former president Mr Carter recently at the Carter Centre I suspect the perpetrators of the abuses in Darfur are very nervous now as they contemplate the possibility at least that the International Criminal Court could be a forum in which they might be tried for these crimes. The slipping a way of the suspected senior government officials from the spotlight is a harbinger that their main concern now is to find a secure hiding place to evade justice. The prospect of war crimes trials increased the level of frustration and restlessness among the prime genocide architects. Having political responsibility for the performance of the organs of the ministry as he said, the lately resigned Sudanese minister of interior, Abdel Rahim M. Hussein, unquestionably bears the responsibility of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out in Darfur.

For crimes of mass slaughters, gang rapes, widespread destruction of villages in Darfur, only International Criminal Court can competently provide credible justice to the victims of the abhorrent crimes committed by the government of Sudan and its aligned Janjaweed militias. The perpetrators responsible for the murder of 400 000 innocent civilians, mass gang rapes and displacement of 2.5 million people will never hold themselves accountable in front of the forged court of their own making.

Ahmed M. Mohamedain
[email protected]

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