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The Sudanese Nation Mourns Dr. Garang De Mobior By Dr. Abdelrhman Dosa –University of Juba

8/9/2005 6:25 am

The Sudanese Nation Mourns Dr. Garang De Mobior

By Dr. Abdelrhman Dosa –University of Juba

It is realy an unanticipated tragedy that can not be expressed in words. In a glance Dr. Garang who I have known well has gone to haven. Is it a day dream passing our minds or he is really gone? Oh John, everybody is mourning you with surprise, broken heart and pain. What a great loss for the Nation to miss Dr. Garang at this critical moment in which Sudan is emerging out of the ugly war era.There is necessity to an urgent implementation of policies that will lead to democracy, justice and equality. The unexpected disappearance of Dr.Garang may result in a great setback in following the course of those policies.It is known that Dr. Garang was determined to reach peace by all means. He was one of the real powers behind signing the Comprehensive Peace Aggreement(CPA).To me Garang is a man of deep thinking, wide range of vision and a great wisdom.He could see that it is for the benefit of the Sudanese( southerners and northerners) to solve their differences by means of negotiations rather than through means of destructive ugly war.He realized the meaning of the saying{anything that can not be obtained in whole should not be abandoned in whole}. He in particular recognized the misery and the mass destruction the south is going through.Also he recognized the economic and social destruction that affected the whole Sudanese community.Thus without hesitation he reckoned wholeheartedly to negotiations that led to signing of the CPA.That long waited peace is now pregnant with hopes and wishes of all the marginalized Sudanese masses waiting anxiously to see their dream of(New Sudan) becomes true.Should he lived a littlebit longer, that pregnancy will give birth to real democracy, justice, equality and prosperity.But with his disappearance will that dream come true? Let us cross fingers and wait.

I have known Garang since 1977 as a university classmate during our postgraduate studies in Iowa USA. Being close with him for 4 years I sicerely felt that he is always honost, faithful,serious,straightforward and noncompramizing.He is a perfectly balancedman of truthful relations with others.Nevertheless he is always obstinately determined to reach his objectives. Now he is gone forever the CPA may be at stake.The Sudanese people deserve not to lose this great chance of reconciliation.I can see the ball is now in the hands of Lieutinant General Sulva Kiir and his fellow commandants of SPLA and fellow politicians of SPLM.We hope that they should stand high and follow Dr. Garang’s footsteps in insisting to provide for the Sudan real justice, equality and peace to make (New Sudan)is a reality.Our heartful condolences go first to his wife Madam Rebecca, deMobior and his brothers and sisters. We extend our condolences to all SPLM, SPLA members headed by brother Sulva Kiir. Likewise we pass our sincere condolences to all grieved Sudanese for the loss of such greatman, God bless him, Ameen

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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