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Arab League is another Feature of the Nazism Regime By Elhadi Adam Elomda

4/8/2005 4:12 pm

By Elhadi Adam Elomda

E-mail: [email protected]

Date: April 8, 2005

Arab League is another Feature of the Nazism Regime

In my previous articles, I compared the Arab league with KKK (Ku Klux Klan). This is to show the genuine features of this terrorist Arab organization. But this comparison did not give the sound picture of Arab League. The Arab League has intense animosity or hostility to other people in comparison to the KKK. As a result, I decided to compare it with another organization that best fit the Arab League. This organization is Nazi regime. The Arab League is true synonym to Nazism, which it was abbreviated from the German: Nationalsozialismus "National Socialism". This is because of the similarity and agreement of these two terrorist organizations goals. Nazism was founded to create a society based completely on racial and biological purity. It looks for the dominance and superiority of the Aryan national community within political, economical, racial, and cultural spectrum in Europe. Nazism started to achieve its prospective goals by eradicating the people who belong to foreign races in Europe such as Jewish, which known by anti-Semitism. It is believed that Jewish people would thwart the creation of its upcoming national community that they were looking for. However, the Jewish people, disheartened Aryan people, and other people in the world revolted against Nazism. Consequently, Nazism was defeated by 1945. By the time Nazism was dismantled in Europe as a terrorist organization, a new Nazism was born.

This new Nazism was founded by Arab countries. It has similar goals to the former one. This formed Arab Nazi organization was named the Arab League. The Arab League was established in order to create a society in the Arab world based entirely on Arab people. It seeks to eradicate those who do not fit to the Arabization template in the Arab countries. It looks for the dominance and superiority of Arab people within political, economical, racial, and cultural spectrums in the Arab world. The league membership constituted of independent Arab countries in the globe. The Arab Leagues charter Article I states that Any independent Arab state has the right to become a member of the League. Ironically, all these Nazi Arab members were considered Islamic countries. Their values and motivations descended from their Islamic curriculums and the holy Quran book.

Arab countries claim that they are people of paradise, goodwill, and chosen by GOD to guide non-believers. Their education and media have massive Islamic doctrines, which prevent racism and ask for the equality of human beings. In spite of this, the Arab League practices a serious sort of the racism, abuse of minorities rights, and monopolizes the power of the Arabian countries. The Arab Leagues charter Article VIII points out that each state shall pledge to abstain from any action calculated to change established systems of any Arabian government. Moreover, the Arab league emboldens the eradication of Non-Arab people by using forcible means. For example, it supported the government of Sudan, which was established mainly from Arab personnel, to practice brutal and inhumane means to exterminate the Sudanese African people. The Sudanese African people revolted in order to demand their basic rights such as justice, equality, and public service. The Arab League refused and prevented the international community from ratifying any actions against the Sudanese government. Additionally, it never dares to denounce the Sudanese governments genocide of its African descendants population in any one of the leagues summit. Rather it rewards the Sudanese government by selecting Khartoum as a capital of Arab culture. This is an attempt to boost the morality of Sudanese government to pursue its immoral policies against non-Arab people in Sudan. The Arab league charter disallowed any other Non-Arab to gain the political, economical, racial, and cultural influences in any of Arab states. As a result, it evades transformation of the Sudaneses government regime to a Non-Arab regime.

Due to existence of the Arab League and its affiliated organization, such as Janjaweed, the Arab countries in Asian and African continents experienced serious turmoil such as terrorists acts, insurrection, and human rights abuse. Biennially, the Arab League leaders meet in one of the Arab countries capital in order to come up with serious strategies that assist the Arabian regimes to suppress their ongoing riots. Although these riots are in the Arab countries, they took place due to the injustice, abuse, and marginalization of the monitory people in the Arab world. Therefore, for the international communities such as the United Nations, the United States of America, and European countries must compel the Arab countries to disband their league, respect humanity, abolish discrimination, and promote democracy. In case the Arab countries do not respond to the international communities demand, for the international communities must be ready to take immediate action against this Arab League terrorist organization.

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