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The eventual punishment of the beleaguered Khartoum Janjawids by Ahmed M. Mohamedain

4/3/2005 5:23 pm

Omnipotence at the service of atrocities against frail and defenseless innocents will never go by unnoticed by the vigilance of the just rule of law. Numberless dictators, oppressors and evil advocates of impunity finally either succumbed or were compelled to subjugate by the inevitable just rule of law. Khartoum regime is undoubtedly a kin to these categories of evil beings. While giving legal authority to the CEO of Janjawid Ali Osman Taha, Al Bashir, the Janjawid president, ordered the execution of the most abominable crimes against Darfuri with utter impunity: war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur. Implementation of the UN security council resolution 1593 will restore the lost moral integrity to the living people of Darfur who have long experienced the harshest injustice of the vicious Khartoum regime.

Two alternatives are at the hand in implementing the resolution adopted on March 31, 2005, namely cooperation by the top Janjawid lieutenants or coercion by the top international institution. The Janjawid ringleader seems to have declined the peaceful means for the justice to take its course.
Reluctance to the resolution 1593 was explained by the ruthless Janjawid mastermind Al Bashir when he noisily vowed, defying UN resolution “I swear thrice in the name of Almighty Allah that I shall never hand any Sudanese national to a foreign court.” Whether he vows vociferously or decline to recognize the relevancy of the justice he never experienced, he and his lieutenants will, sooner or later, be hospitalized by the ICC. He never hesitated to give the blessing to the atrocious activities Ali Osman Taha was implementing in Darfur by depriving Darfuri from their basic right of existence. He should be thankful to the UN in guiding him and his gangs to the path of repentance while they are still a live.

The failure of Khartoum regime in respecting the norms values of humanity has been advertised long a go when the Khartoum regime officials consciously ignored the Security Council resolutions 1556, 1564, 1574, 1590 and 1590. Their total disrespect of the other and utter decline of the alternative sound views have contributed to their eventual doom that they dearly deserve. They have used their evil powers exorbitantly and arbitrarily. In return, they must be held accountable to reap for their criminal deeds.

The referral of Darfur criminals to ICC will give the Janjawd leaders, Al Bashir, Ali Osman, Mustafa Ismail, Mazoub Khalifa, minister of injustice and the rest of the list 51, an appropriate opportunity to discover and learn about the justice that they fatally missed in their incompetent judiciary system and their overall regimes performance in their lifetime. Similarly it will repair the confidence of Darfuri in the long wished for rule of law in trying their tormentors.

Ahmed M. Mohamedain

[email protected]

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