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Unwavering defiance of the top Kartoum Janjawids against UN demands by Ahmed M. Mohamedain NL

4/10/2005 4:57 pm

Unwavering defiance of the top Kartoum Janjawids against UN demands

Being tempted by cruel dispositions to injustice is not less more inexcusable than contriving the most villainous atrocities against humanity. To put in practice what was swiftly and solemnly vowed by their Janjawid president Omer Al Bashir in condemning UN resolution 1593, the architects of genocide in Darfur have, still undeterred, proceeded according to their obnoxious evil plans with increasing raucousness. No sooner did UN voted for the resolution 1593 than the entire Khartoum government of the perpetrators resonated in their denunciations to the resolution, justifying their eventual misdeeds.

A strong defiance of the resolution is unequivocally realized in practice when, on Thursday, the Janjawid militia put the commands of their chief executive officer, Ali Osman, in execution. They carried out an unspeakably utter gross violation against humanity when they raided daylong the village of Khor Abeche: indiscriminate killings, rapes, pillaging and looting. Both UN representative Mr Pronk and AU envoy Mr Kingibe expressed their “ utter shock and disbelief”, condemning the attach as “ senseless and premeditated savage attach.”

Prior to the attach of Khor Abeche, the governor of Tulus Suliamn Ahmed Omer, local Janiawid leader Al Tijani abdelkaadir and the governor of the southern Darfur province El Haj Ata Al Mannan, in close consultations with their chief executive officer Ali Osman Taha, carefully liaised their pending crimes before heading to the Janjawid operational camp Niteaga. The governor of southern Darfur province had sufficiently provided the perpetrators with armory vehicles and all aid needed to implement their chronicle abuse of humanity.

For quite a long time have the people of Darfur experienced, and are still experiencing, the severest kinds of atrocities from the ruthless criminals. In the eyes of every Darfuri, the international community prior to the resolution was hunting for international terrorism while ignoring the terror sponsoring state, Sudan. This turning back attitude to the terrorist regime of the Sudan confirmed to them that the only people who share the same bitter suffering can and are obliged to mitigate the suffering of the disabled and unable innocent civilians. Now, since the international community has, or rather said, the decision making bodies have recognized the magnitude of the crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide committed against the innocent Darfuri, the postponement of the resolution to the end of the month is being interpreted by the Khartoum perpetrators as a formal permission granted to perpetuate on their mission of crimes. That atrocious behavior of the beleaguered regime must not be tolerated. Not only the terrorists must swiftly be brought to justice but also the state sponsoring terrorism should not be given an opportunity to thrive.

The Sudanese regime made a decision through rebellious, antagonistic and non compliance attitude to the will of the international community. It is undoubtedly in a total tangible breach to the UN resolution when the regime savagely raided Khor Abeche a few days ago, therefore seriously violating all memoranda of cease fire agreements and deliberately underestimating the UN resolutions. For, the consequences of non swift inaction are far more greater than the results of delayed action particularly when the lives of mass innocent civilians are in imminent jeopardy. It is neither easy for the devil to change the course of it’s evil behavior on it’s own free will nor amicably possible to consider the path of amelioration towards the axis of good.

Ahmed M. Mohamedain
[email protected]

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