Sudaneseonline a Leading Sudanese Website

Sudaneseonline a Leading Sudanese Website

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Title: Sudaneseonline a Leading Sudanese Website
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Sudanese Online
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Sudaneseonline website, established in November 1999 by Mr. Bakri Abubakr, a Sudanese national residing in USA, is one of the leading websites and famous gateway for news and information about Sudan.

Sudaneseonline International Recognition

Considering its specialized, professional and unbiased journalistic attitude, US Congress Library opted to choose Sudaneseonline website as a main specialized source of information about Sudan affairs and Darfur crisis. Several Sudanese, African and Arab news agencies and newspapers depended on Sudaneseonline website as a reliable source of news and information. Mr. Khalid Owais, the famous Sudanese journalist and writer, asserted that Mr. Hassan Muawad, presenter of a well-known talk-show program in Al-Arabia TV News Channel, testified that he mainly depends in the preparation of his program on Sudaneseonline website information regarding any affairs relating to Sudan.

Political Contribution of Sudaneseonline in Sudan's Political Affairs

Sudaneseonline established a neutral and unbiased political forum for the various Sudanese political activists, writers and experts. Since its inception, Sudaneseonline published several thousand articles that dealt with Sudan political affairs, regional and International issues. Sudaneseonline believes that dialogue, mutual respect and tolerance are the key factors for the solution of Sudan's complicated problems.

Social Contribution of Sudaneseonline in Enhancing Sudan's Social Relations

Sudaneseonline created strong and solid social relations among its various members. It also enhanced the spirit of national assimilation among its visitors, writers and readers from various age groups. In addition, Sudaneseonline enabled many of its navigators and visitors to establish and augment their friendship with others and it has also assisted in retrieving family ties among some of its visitors. Sudaneseonline has been successful to facilitate marriage of 14 couples of its members e.g. marriage of Mr. Temps and Dalia. Sudaneseonline social contribution was not limited to these activities but it included provision of some kind of assistance that helped in solving some personal problems in spirit reflecting deep rooted values of mutual cooperation among Sudanese people. Members of Sudaneseonline website collected more than eight thousand US Dollar dedicated for the medical treatment of Mrs. Sana Awadalkarim and they also financially contributed in the medical treatment of the famous Sudanese poet: Late Mahjob Sharrif, Mrs. Ghada Noury (in Jordan) and the Sudanese child: Mohammed Mahmoud Sayed Alyas. Members of Sudaneseonline website signed an appeal addressed to the Sudanese authorities to stop execution verdict against the famous poet AbddulMonem Rahama who was arrested by the Sudanese security apparatus in Damazine after the eruption of the civil war in Blue Nile province together with his nineteen colleagues who have been detained and recently transferred from Singa prison to Coper prison in the capital, Khartoum. Members of Sudaneseonline website also collected more than ten thousand US Dollar for the purpose of publication of the book written by the famous Sudanese politician Mr. AlKhatim Adlan titled: "What is the Exile؟ What is the Homeland؟".

Cultural Contribution of Sudaneseonline in Enhancing Sudan's Culture and Arts

Sudaneseonline provided a national forum for amateur and professional Sudanese writers and artists to exhibit their literal and art works in this impartial website noting that official Sudanese mass media are monopolized by some favored writers and artists. Some of high caliber Sudanese writers, artists and intellectuals who would not find any opportunity to present their literal and art-works in Sudan for several reasons referred to Sudaneseonline that provided them with ample space to present their awesome art, literal and intellectual works. For many years, Sudaneseonline offered Sudanese intellectuals and artists a broad-based and an impartial national forum to present their opinions, talents and artworks. Therefore, Sudaneseonline attracted so many visitors from Sudan, South Sudan, East Africa and world-wide that reached. All these activities enhanced and augmented Sudanese cultural, literal and intellectual national dynamics.

Online Contribution of Sudaneseonline in Enhancing Sudanese Cyber Highways

Sudaneseonline website is considered a leading open university in the field of the Sudanese digital information space. Through its membership scattered in Sudan and world-wide, Sudaneseonline has been able to obtain fresh news, up-to-date stories and information about any event wherever its location in the Sudan or the globe. Sudaneseonline acted, throughout its lifetime, as a trustworthy, impartial and reliable source of news that always challenge and overrun Sudan government official mass media. Sudaneseonline network of journalists and writers include a wide-spectrum of political, cultural and social activists belonging to the various Sudanese political parties and social organizations as well as independent journalists and analysts.

Sudaneseonline Entertainment and Recreational Facilities

Since its inception, Sudaneseonline website established and maintained a huge audio-visual library that contains hundreds of video clips of famous classic and modern Sudanese songs. Sudaneseonline audio-visual library also contain an interactive archive of Sudanese folklore and historical events as well as several TV talk shows.

Sudaneseonline and Academic Researches

Several Sudanese researchers and students conducted post-graduate researches about Sudaneseonline website. These researchers included Dr. Saifuddin Hassan AlAwad who obtained his Ph.D. degree from the International Islamic University of Malaysia based on his dissertation titled: "Mutual Priorities of Conventional and Modern Mass Media- Sudaneseonline website as a case study" and they also included Dr. Abdulgadir AlAbaid Mudawi who obtained his PH.D. degree from Ohio University –USA based on his dissertation titled: "The Role of Sudaneseonline in mass communication of Sudanese citizens around the world". The Students Union of Khartoum University (KUSU) awarded, in 20---, its annual prize to Sudaneseonline for its support to Sudanese students' demands. (Please verify names and titles of thesis).

Sudaneseonline and Illegal Government Blockage and Hackers Attacks

Sudaneseonline website has been exposed several times to blockage and hacking attacks from Sudanese government authorities. The Arab Network for Human Rights issued, in 10 July 2004, statement condemning blockage of Sudaneseonline by Sudanese government authorities and it considered such blockage as a violation to freedom of opinion and expression according to the human rights covenants and an infringement to the right of information dissemination. The network pleaded Sudan government to immediately stop Sudaneseonline blockage pursuant to article 19 of the Civil and Political Rights Convents which guarantee provision and dissemination of information and ideas among people. The writings and books of several Sudanese intellectuals and writers published and downloaded in Sudaneseonline have been blocked and hacked by the Sudanese government authorities. These writers included the famous novelist Muhsin Khalid whose books have been confiscated in Sudan and severely criticized by the local media.

Sudanese Online Website is the Nation Memory By Hafiz Ingalabo

Sudaneseonline is a Sudanese site for communicating news and information about the economy, the culture, and the society of Sudan. It seeks to cover a wide range of concerns to better serve the diverse communities of the country, Africa, the Arab world, and the world at large. The site, established by Bakri Abu Bakr of Arizona in November 1999, is considered today as the respectable par excellence of Sudanese news, politics, and culture.
As a social media institution, the Board has been a launching pad for various campaigns to protect the human rights of activists in Sudan violated by the government. One of the most successful campaigns was the one that led to the release of Abdal Moniem Rahama sentenced to death by a military tribunal.

The proof of the success of the site as an oppositional social media deeply concerned with the issue of human rights in Sudan is that it has been repeatedly hackered by the digital branch of the Sudan Security Apparatus. Various international and regional media watchdogs have been condemning the unceasing disruptions of the site by this Apparatus. Many a writer has had a brush with the Apparatus for publishing their creations on the Board. Muhsin Khalid the novelist has been constantly harassed for his uncompromising flights of minds.
The site has been pioneering a school in Sudan digital communication. Its members who are spread throughout Sudan and the world would pick up news and information from the farthest corners of earth in a timely fashion. It did not only help break the monopoly of information of the Sudan state-controlled media, but also to become a source of Sudan news for regional and international media. Khalid ‘Awis was told of Hasan Mu’wad of Arabia that he would resort to the site whenever he discusses Sudan with his guests. The students of the University of Khartoum recognized the contribution of Sudaneseonline in supporting students’ struggles. The Islamic University in Malysia selected the site as (fill in the technical terms). Significantly, the site was selected by the library of Congress as a trustworthy communicator of Sudan and Darfur news.

Politically, the site has been a school for fostering national dialogue by opening the door to viewpoints from the full spectrum of the political, gender, and religious communities of the country. The strict code of ethics and engagement of the site facilitated the discussions and geared them towards mutual and fruitful exchange of views. Participants are increasingly convinced that a national dialogue for the resolution of the Sudan crisis is overdue.
Socially, the site built a virtual Sudanese community across generations and around the world. Boardab, i.e., members of the site, is emerging as a new “tribe” who meet in various cities and towns and celebrate political and social events. A member of the board will be the guest of such communities in his travels. The success of this latent function of the site is evidenced by the 14 marriages that took place between members who only got to know each other on the Board.
The Board has serviced as a fundraising agency to alleviate hardships suffered by Sudanese members and non-members. The Board succeeded in garnering $8000 to meet the medical expenses of Sana Awadelkarim. It was also heavily involved in raising money to defray the hospital expenses of Mahgoub Sharif, the revolutionary poet par excellence. Ghada Nuri and Muhammad M. S. al-Yas, a child, were also generously helped to complete their medical treatment by the Board members. The fundraising extended to other areas like sponsoring the publication posthumously of a book by al-Khatim ‘Adaln, a veteran political activist who died prematurely.

The site helped launch the literary careers of a number of young writers whose talents could have been wasted had it not been for the ease with which they access the site and welcome by it. The site has also been an outlet for the creations of veteran and established writers from Sudan, Southern Sudan, Egypt and Palestine.

A number of researchers made Sudaneseonline a subject of their graduate dissertations. Saif al-Din Hasan al-Awad obtained his Ph.D writing about the priorities targeted by traditional and new media. Abu Ubaida Abd al-Qadir al-‘Abaid Mudawi of Ohio University wrote for his doctorate about the role of Sudaneseonline in mass communication linking Sudanese at large.