Sudan future security and the status quo requires younger leadership by Khalid Hassan Samil

Sudan future security and the status quo requires younger leadership by Khalid Hassan Samil

10-11-2015, 03:34 PM


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Title: Sudan future security and the status quo requires younger leadership by Khalid Hassan Samil
Author: Khalid Hassan Samil
Date: 10-11-2015, 03:34 PM

03:34 PM Oct, 11 2015
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The incumbent Sudanese government is full of miscellaneous political figures who are ruling the state affairs of the country with a grip of iron, and the status quo of the political situations in Sudan urgently requires youth leadership to lead the state of affairs. The country is facing dangerous crises and the ruling regime in Khartoum is grappling with difficult insurgent groups in all regions of the country.
In the midst of the complete breakdown of the security situations, economy being crumbled, as well as the signs of the complete implosion, security and political transformations in the country is on the verge of impending disasters.
The international criminal court accused the incumbent Sudanese president Omar Albashir with multiple accounts of crimes against humanity and genocide and issued two arrest warrants against him since 2008.
Sudan is still facing serious political transformations since it had its independence from condominium rule, but the security and political situations now entering very precarious situations.
The national dialogue which has been launched in Khartoum to reconcile all the opposition groups and factions is doomed to fail, due to the severe disgruntles and complete frustrations among most of the political and opposition groups, either combatant or non-combatant groups.
The security situations in Sudan now warrant the immediate reinstallation of younger regime to rule the country towards the peaceful political country.
History obviously teaches us how younger leaders can prove their unique capability to rid the country of political threats and security crises. Over the years, America's youngest presidents have had mixed records. Only one—Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest chief executive in history, who took office in 1901 at the age of 42 years and 10 months—qualifies to be in the great or near-great categories, according to historians. Roosevelt's age was a joking matter even for his friends and advisers because he seemed so preposterously young. Secretary of War Elihu Root told him on his 46th birthday in 1904: "You have made a very good start in life, and your friends have great hopes for you when you grow up." At that point, he had been commander in chief for three years.
Rounding out the youngest five were John F. Kennedy, who was 43 years and 7 months old when he was inaugurated; Bill Clinton at 46 years and 5 months; Ulysses S. Grant at 46 years and 10 months; and Obama at 47 years and 5 months.
Kennedy still has a hold on the popular imagination as a young leader whose potential was cut short by assassination. The reputations of Clinton and Grant were marred by scandal. Obama, in office less than a year, has yet to make a definitive mark.

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