Is National Dialogue Right way to solve Sudanese Crisis or Bombing By Salim AbdelRhman Dekin. Hu

Is National Dialogue Right way to solve Sudanese Crisis or Bombing By Salim AbdelRhman Dekin. Hu

10-10-2015, 06:32 PM


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Title: Is National Dialogue Right way to solve Sudanese Crisis or Bombing By Salim AbdelRhman Dekin. Hu
Author: سليم عبد الرحمن دكين
Date: 10-10-2015, 06:32 PM

06:32 PM Oct, 10 2015
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By. Salim AbdelRhman Dekin. Human Rights Lawyer. London

In the world we live in today, because, people are different, cultures are different and languages are different, and that with different religious beliefs, all these factors makes it easy to disagree. In some countries, they resort into bitter civil wars. Minorities are always the victims in civil wars. A very good example is Rwanda. The minority Tutsis suffered terribly in the hands of the majority Hutus. This is because, these two ethnic groups do not share the same culture and political beliefs. The civil war cost almost 100,000 Tutsis lives. Another example is the Yugoslavian civil war. Bosnian Muslims, Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian creates lost their lives in the hands of the Serbian military, simply because they are different political and culture background. Western countries including British, France, Canada, Germany and of course the United States of America are often been criticized for not taking any action of some sort. Why؟ This because countries especially the United States of America are regarded as the most powerful country in the world and with them all problems are solved. They are powerful in terms of weaponry and are largest unclear nations. They are also wealthy and are very influence in the United Nations. Thus it enables them to impose wars to stop aggression and can also impose economic sanctions either unilaterally or through the United Nations. In recent years, western countries have all come together to punish countries that have constantly violate human right of others. They have done so by bombing aggressive countries. We have seen it in Yugoslavia and in Kuwait and for new it seemed to have put a held on problems in these respective countries. But is national dialogue the right way to solve International crisis. America have always been branded the world policeman, because they led the allied forces in both Kuwait and Yugoslavia, simply to tell all would aggressors that aggression will not be tolerated in the world. However, military action has its downside too. It cannot always solve problems, and despite NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, problems still remain. All different ethnic groups are not willing to live with each other especially Serbia people are not willing to live with any of other ethnic groupings. Then what is the solution to conflicts. In my opinion dialogue is the best answer to any conflicts. Problems can be solved through dialogue. So I would like to comprising the Sudan crisis to those examples, I illustrated already above. Sudan as a country has never been able to stand up for its national issues since independence over 50 years ago. due to lack of leaderships, and other elements of failure decanted the country into bitter civil wars. Sudanese people did not recognizing each others, and did not respect one another as well, all those factors makes difficult for all Sudanese to agree with each other, and to live in peace and harmony with each others. But who to blame of all this crisis, well a large sector of the Sudanese people blaming traditional political national parties of all happening today. Sudanese people in particular, the people of Nuba mountains, Blue Neil and Darfur, their children are traumatized by war, they are crying out Enough is enough, the people can not take anymore, they have been through a lots of hell ,tragedies and tortures for over two decades specially the people of the Nuba mountains. Why the people of Nuba mountains, because, they are fighting proxy war. This crazy war it has to stop, it can not going on forever. There is not justification what so ever to allow this war to destroying the country and the people as well. Everybody knows that the solution to this crisis is there, only need courage’s and commitments collectively to be done. Now the Sudanese people are calling to an end to this war through national constitutional dialogue, as the only way out from this national crisis forever. It is therefore everybody requires to take part in this national dialogue, no excuse what so ever, this is what the Sudanese people have been waiting for over fifty years. Sudanese people are desperate for peace, security and stability, and also we need to see promote Re- conciliations and forgiveness among National Congress and victims of the regime by the full disclosure of truth similar to that c carried out by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who was in charged as commission after he was appointed by Nelson Mandela a greatest man of all time to be in charged with three specific tasks, to discover the causes and nature of human rights violations in South Africa between 1960 and 1994 to identify victims with a view to paying reparations, and to allow Amnesty to those who fully disclosed their involvement in politically motivated human rights violations. Finally United States of America and its Allies are not going to change the regime in Kart hum by bombing . This is not going to happen , but rather they all encouraging and supporting national dialogue among Sudanese themselves to a head. So Let’s us all pray for peace.

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