Dismiss defamation defect of top generals by Ruach Wal Yat

Dismiss defamation defect of top generals by Ruach Wal Yat

08-15-2015, 02:40 PM

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Title: Dismiss defamation defect of top generals by Ruach Wal Yat
Author: Ruach Wal Yat
Date: 08-15-2015, 02:40 PM

03:40 PM Aug, 15 2015
Sudanese Online
Ruach Wal Yat-
My Library at SudaneseOnline

Dismiss defamation Defect from Top Generals who were accusing in Rebel group of DR. Riek Machar Movement for their Returning Back to Juba.

The top general, deputy staff operation: Peter Gatdet Yaka in PLM/PLA.

I would like to give you more information about split of top generals in the movement of Dr. Riek Machar, and also to deliver you good news in article all freedom fighters. This is political propaganda alleged against top military generals in social media. No one from military generals will go back to Juba to rejoin Salva Kiir Mayardit regime. But Dr. Machar didn’t fulfill the core point of interest that generals are looking for. General Peter Gatdet Yaka and General Gathoth Gatkuoth and others are not defect to rejoin south Sudan troops to fight against Dr. Machar troop. Most of people blamed these two generals had gotten huge bribe money from South Sudan government Juba- regime. This is defamation political propaganda to bring issue to dividend our people into two factions. Politic game is all about confusion from your enemy and reporting nonsense to your side.

In my analysis points that I had been confirmed in this crisis issue, it is disagreement to discuss both political peace agreements in between SPLM/SPLA reunification and IGAD Plus peace proposal for upcoming deal agreements which will sign in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. In some days before allegation risen up, Dr. Machar was came up with idea to dismiss top generals in his movement because combatant military generals were extremely giving him criticize for his strategies ongoing war.

In fact, Dr. Riek Machar was took illegal peace talk agreement with Juba-Government regime without any knowledge from top Generals in SPLM/SPLA-IO including international community in East Africa. But these two Generals and many others were blaming decision that was made by Dr.Machar to do an illegal talk in Arusha with south Sudan Government without their commencements. Both generals were rumors to suspect Dr. Machar to sign illegal peace talk with his rival without them.

Combatant Military Commanders Generals reject SPLM/SPLA reunification Proposal Agreement.

On behalf of indirect talk, Generals Peter Gatdet Yaka and Gathoth Gatkuoth had been challenging the Arusha Peace Agreement process because they had observed too many negative roles process on it. They said, we need to follow the IGAD Plus peace proposal agreement which will be recommended by international eyes communities including nearest neighboring countries in East Africa. The reason why they come up to challenge Arusha agreement because there are no principles demands on it to support sharing-power. SPLM/SPLA-Juba and SPLM/SPLA-IO party are same party with same manifesto. This is reason military generals came up with idea to blame their leader to reform another party not in SPLM/SPLA system. There is no any point in political arena one political party may sign agreement within same system. South Sudan has right to deserve SPLM/SPLA party, but the opponent side might form another party with its own manifesto.

Combatant military generals always told Dr. Machar to reform new party with different manifesto beside of SPLM/SPLA, but Dr. Machar declines the request. Furthermore, combatant military generals are not interesting in SPLM/SPLA to lead part of their struggle because they reject its manifesto in the current system.

Military combatant generals clear their message directly to Dr. Riek Machar and state that, this political party has been only the cause of tribal war since 1983 up to 1991. It was massacre our innocent Nuer people to burn down their shelters for displacement. Again it’s also caused another massacre in 2013 to end up life of thousands from innocent Nuer people in Juba. This political party only one ethnic group took advantage on it, but the rest of ethnic groups took disadvantage. In frankly speaking, most of combatant generals have been blamed Dr. Machar for the name SPLA party not should be repeat and over and over as the lead part of their struggle.

On July 19, 2015, the leader of SPLM/SPLA in opposition (Dr. Machar) met indirect talk with Salva Kiir Mayardit in Kenya without any knowledge from Top military commanders Generals. In fact, Machar made reservation illegal individual talk with President Kiir Mayardit and other Senior Members SPLM/SPLA detainees without involvement from mediation of the East African regional bloc (IGAD). The political organization party of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition and military generals had been criticizing Dr. Machar to made individual illegal peace talk with his rivalry (Salva Kiir). In particularly ongoing process, Dr. Riek Machar and his rivalry were made illegal agreement addition plus detainees G10 in order to reform their political party within the same system.

On behalf an illegal peace talk, Taban Deng Gai has been suspicion in the current process because he has link with G10 before. He was only the suspicion that made influence Dr. Machar to follow Arusha agreement process with south Sudan government. But military commanders’ generals are always blaming Gen. Taban Deng Gai for so many points in SPLM/SPLA-IO movement but it is not exactly the agreement alone. Top Generals said, (Taban) has been only who runs current struggle movement not exactly Dr. Machar because he gives him all powers. He (Taban) always works as appointee to influence Dr. Machar, either to reshuffle post-ranks of military commanders or recruitments people into new posts.

When we come to the point of view, according to Daniel Akot interview who told Sudan tribune on July 19, he said, “there is a significant in the talks and there is a hope peace will come to the country at the end of these engagements at individual levels between and among South Sudan themselves”. Basically above to all points of views, Generals Peter Gatdet and Gathoth Gatkuoth were came up to point out Dr. Machar had been made decision alone with South Sudan government without any their agreements. This is a reason why the top generals were came up with decision and give much blaming to Dr. Riek Machar and split in his movement to form another faction beside this faction.

The Top Military Commanders Generals, Peter Gatdet Yaka and Gathoth Gatkuoth had been Blaming SPLM/SPLA-IO Leadership for Delayed Military Operation Tactic to Overthrown Dictatorship-regime (Salva Kiir).

In the recent leadership conference at Fagak military base, the top military commanders generals were addressing their frustrations, and took serious criticize for delay military operation tactic against leadership of Dr. Machar. The top Generals had been asked Dr. Riek in several times to provide ammunitions equipment tools to them in order to accelerate military operation tactic against and overthrown a regime of Salva Kiir. They need south Sudan conflict to be over because Salva Kiir and his colleague regime were not interesting to allow peace process agreement in the country while citizens were suffering and starving to death.

Military combatant generals were criticizing a strategy of Dr. Machar to become weak not speeding up the war. Top generals are looking for military equipments to make change quick. Military commanders in Fagak meeting were aggressively and give much blaming to Dr. Machar against massacre of thousands innocent Nuer whom were slaughters by ethnic-bodyguards of Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba December 15, 2013. They were blamed Dr. Machar to be hurry and brought weapons and ammunitions to accelerate current conflict to end up the war. They had been promised in front of Dr. Machar, and stated that, having no weapons and ammunitions it might be critical condition to prevent our proceeding to take over the regime of dictator.

General Peter Gatdet Yaka, the deputy chief of general staff operation “gave his much criticizing Dr. Machar to brought and hand him weapons and ammunitions by taking over Salva Kiir regime within very quick moment. Even though he also mentioned the force of Salva Kiir who was controlling Bentiu, Nassir, Ayod, and Paluoch oil-filed, and elsewhere need to be flush them out very quick if there are any necessary military equipment tools on my hand. He extremely gave his serious stress speech to Dr. Machar, and stated that, if you brought me weapons and ammunitions by ordering me to carry an attack on my way to city in Juba, then nobody cannot prevent me on my way. I am willing to die inside of city not outside of city”.

He (Gatdet) also was working as commander general of the government in Jonglei state before the battle had started over in December 2013. When the war was begun in Juba, Peter Gatdet was first general commander who fired Salva Kiir force and also back up Dr. Machar in Jonglei state to take over Capital of Bor with very strong force plus Lou Nuer (white army).

Peter Gatdet Yaka was also adding some another blame to Dr. Riek Machar and said, “I was able to captured Juba during the first week of battle before the intervention of Ugandan troops were involved in conflict in south Sudan. But it was your influence that made me together with white army not to overthrown the regime of Salva Kiir. If was not your influence to return me back on my way to Juba, but south Sudan it should be under my command now”. Of course, it was pressure that was came from American government from Washington DC by threatened Dr. Machar to return his troops not reached Capital, Juba. In fact if it is not American pressure, south Sudan might be under control hand of Dr. Machar right now we speak.

South Sudan indigenous tribes had been fought for several years as inter-ethnic line conflicts. This conflict has been existed for several years because of raiding cattle and also conquering land for displacement. This conflict had never been reached by international community in order to resolve the conflict by ending cessation hostility. In fact, conflict was stirring up because Dr. Riek Machar has declared his contest against to his running-mate (Salva Kiir).

Top military generals were split from Machar movement because he did not satisfy them with what they need. Gatdet and Gathoth stressed too much because they need to speed up ongoing war. They are now split in SPLM/SPLA opposition movement to form another faction that will fight with enemy. People in SPLM/SPLA-IO are much blaming because they think these two generals are getting huge bribe from south Sudan government. This is defamation political propaganda in arena social media. Rumors circulated but not founded.

My point of view on this crisis, nothing will bring peace rather than war. War will be the only way which may bring peace in the country rather than anything else. When both sides will face consequence in bloodshed, then both will accept compromise in order to end up cessation hostility without disruption in peace. We had been known these tribal’s crisis issue in south Sudan for long in the past centuries. It is not easy to end up simply like that without bloodshed. Bloodshed will be the only solution issue that will end up the conflict between tribes. You can reach me on this number 308-746-6683.

Ruach Wal Yat
Spokesperson of Greater Upper Nile and Top Generals.

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