The potential far-reaching impact of ethnic clashes in Sudan on the regional stability

The potential far-reaching impact of ethnic clashes in Sudan on the regional stability

08-08-2015, 01:55 PM


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Title: The potential far-reaching impact of ethnic clashes in Sudan on the regional stability
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 08-08-2015, 01:55 PM

02:55 PM Aug, 08 2015
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Adaroub Sedna Onour-
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Has the world abandoned Sudan to its fate? Regrettably, the answer is in the affirmative, which shouldn't have been true of Sudan, the country that had for centuries served as the bridging point for Africa and the middle east . But, woe be to the selfishness and short sightedness of our post-independence politicians. today any ordinary Sudanese man or women can assert with utter truthfulness that the multi-cultural country inhabited by numberless ethnic groups needs a miracle to pull together again in one unified entity/identity .paradoxically thought ,all those diverse ethnicities have lived in peaceful cohabitation during the Anglo –Egyptian RAJ and even united under one leader/inspirer (Elmahdi) Against the earlier Turku- Egyptian rulers and drove them out of the country .but actually irritation began shortly after independence from the anglo-egyptian condominium in 1956 because the Arabic –speaking riverine ethnic groups who were relatively better educated than the other ethnicities of Sudan at that time ,substituted the colonial authorities and-unilaterally- declared Sudan as an Arab/Muslim country and assumed they were the ONLY legitimate heirs of the departing colonialists in a derisive devolution? Still today they are dillydallying and refusing adamantly to wean or agree to any fair re- distribution of the country's wealth and power with their brothers-in-home-land who are crying halves ever since ?interestingly they label everyone who protests against this unjust status quo as a treasonable racist pushing mysterious agenda hostile to the Arabs, Islam ,national unity or endangering the security of the home- land etc. by contrast these false patriots still continue to steal public money as if it were a war booty ,and behave like they are unperturbed by any guilt or wrong-doing? And although their being full-blood Arabs is a great fun ,let alone the false religiosity of its advocates which was fully exposed since 1989 and found to stand on the shallowest grounds. Those broad claims and unrealistic and misleading slogans upheld by those hypocrites triggered inextinguishable tribal and ethnic confrontations all over the country, not to mention their spill-over (evidently taking shape now in Libya ,Chad etc) in simple words, the proximity of the under-lying potential( wannabe )ethnic wars between Arabs and non-Arabs is too close to rule out , and very much in- the- making judging by what happened ,and is still happening in Darfur , when the nomadic Arabian tribes of the neighboring countries (who traditionally know no borders and do not yield to any established authority)crossed the borders into Sudan and took sides with their tribal clans and committed horrific massacres against the native non-Arab darfuris. But in spite of all that the victims of the –now-ruling tyranny are not asking the international community to bring back sudan,s glorious pre-independence days of peaceful coexistence ,rather, they simply want the abolishment of the unethical segregationist policies in Sudan and the imposture of no-fly zones and/or the issuance of strong warnings to the ruling cabal to stop their indiscriminate aerial raids on the civilian populations and not to blockade the badly-needed relief items to the victims and give unlettered access to relief workers to better assess the catastrophic situation there . in fact the international community should shoulder its fair share of what is going on in Sudan, both for its failure to roll out the red card to the face of Sudan's outlaw tyranny and equally for its underestimating of the much likely ramifications and consequences of the Sudanese crisis on regional stability .the world needs to work together with all the Sudanese parties to find an outlet from this horrible crisis, and force the regime to reconcile its policies to be in- line with norms consistent and acceptable by the international community and reflective of the will of all Sudanese people. the régime's destabilizing role in the neighboring countries should be eliminated , and its harboring terrorist sleeper- cells-which is an open secret- should not be without a price any more. Of course the international community knows that the tussle over power between Sudanese rivals has now reached a stalemate ,yet it moves tardily and is very reluctant to back any group using violence to topple the regime . because in the absence of a unified opposition that would mean plunging the huge country into total chaos, and thus, practically, render the huge land mass ungovernable. Therefore for the international community to help, the opposition factions need to move fast ,putting their minor differences aside and come up with a road –map perfectly and predictably sound. Or else the regime which is shivering at the very prospect of their unification will pay and pay to drive wedges between them, As a unified opposition would mean a torrential flood that would sweep everything before it ,especially now that the regime is too busy to ponder venturing outside its Khartoum confines ,for fear of protests. Thus, this ticklish situation is likely to roll on for some time ,which is bad news for us Sudanese people and equally dismaying for our neighbors who had pinned hopes on Sudan to become their food-basket ,not a threat to their home security.
Adaroub sedan onour

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