Africa Sustainable Development Goals By Salim Abedelrhman Dekin London

Africa Sustainable Development Goals By Salim Abedelrhman Dekin London

08-08-2015, 01:53 PM


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Title: Africa Sustainable Development Goals By Salim Abedelrhman Dekin London
Author: سليم عبد الرحمن دكين
Date: 08-08-2015, 01:53 PM

02:53 PM Aug, 08 2015
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سليم عبد الرحمن دكين-
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It is for first time in Africa contemporary history to see, African leaders stood shoulders to shoulders with each other, formally and strongly, against the West protectionism and tax avoidances. This is fundamentalism issues need to be address fully and once for all to put an end to protectionism and tax avoidances. Protectionism destroying Africa economically, because, the west putting barriers, by preventing the African product’s and goods from reaching their markets, which is unfair trade with Africa, it is therefore sustainability economically and socially is vital for Africa to self sufficient. But there is another problem, which is tax avoidances lost Africa $100 billion dollars every years, because, western companies did not pay tax at all, when buying what ever they bought from Africa. Nigeria is a very good example for losing millions of dollars to, western companies when these companies bought oil from Nigerian authorities for $60 dollars for peril, then the same company sells the oil to American company for $100 dollars for a peril, so the company benefit twice, first able the company got $40 dollars as profit , secondly, the company doesn’t pays tax at all. So Who was the loser hear, definitely Nigerians people are the losers. But the majority of African people did not blaming the western power nations from stilling their resources, rather blaming their own leaders for mishandling and mismanagement of their countries affairs. Why the African leaders regard as elements of failure? The answer is simple, because, corruption is a bigger Africa disease, until this disease is eradicate Africa can not and will not rise and develop. So African leaders collectively must wage the war against corruption where ever might be, no time to waist, African leaders had waist considerable time. It is therefore, sustainable development goals summit in Adds Ababa the Ethiopian capital to address the sustainability and development of Africa, it become priorities, because, Africa can not remains like this forever, something need to be done, and very quickly. African leaders should not allow this great opportunity to slept away from them this time. African people are watching the summit with opening eyes, how this is going to play out in near future, it will remain to be seen if African leaders stick on their guns. How ever the world is moving faster and faster Technologically, this is why, African people need to be part of that world. Education however is key for everything in this world. This is why we need every child to have access to education. African people rely on their leaders to come up with a great ideas and great vision to turn Africa around, because, wars, poverty, conflicts, and corruption all are deadly without doubt. So Africa leaders need to get rid off those disasters. Africa is very rich continent in Earth, but the problem is mismanagement, corruption and other factors play key roles in losing its resources. African people deserve better, interims of development and advancing. African leaders must implement what they agree on, which will benefit African people a cross the continent. Tax avoidance means keep away or refrain from or prevent from doing or happing avoid or avoidable by refusing paying tax to Africa. Protectionism means the theory or practice of shielding a country own industries from foreign competition by taxing imports, no fair trade with Africa by west . corruption means dishonest or illegal behaviour, the action of corrupting someone or, the state of being morality corrupt. Those three factors are very deadly, this is why African leaders are meeting in Adds Ababa Ethiopian capital to find lasting solutions for those factors once for all. But the most important of all is that African leaders must and should stop changing the constitutions in order to stay in power.

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