Dr. Riek Machar! by Luk Kuth Dak

Dr. Riek Machar! by Luk Kuth Dak

07-06-2015, 10:28 PM

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Title: Dr. Riek Machar! by Luk Kuth Dak
Author: Luk Kuth Dak
Date: 07-06-2015, 10:28 PM

10:28 PM Jul, 07 2015
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Luk Kuth Dak-
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It's time for Dr. Riek Machar Tey to come up with a totally new strategy in handling the affairs of the movement he chairs. It must begin by admitting that name SPLM/ A-In- Opposition doesn't make any sense in the real world, that peace will never come to South Sudan by way of the so-called IGAD, and that a unified SPLM/A will never be reconstituted.

Because the division has already happened and will not be reversed. The unfortunate reality is that the SPLM/A no longer is the powerhouse movement it once was under the leadership of the late Dr. John Garang De Mabior.

Today, mostly everybody in South Sudan- including fair-minded Jieeng- believe that the SPLM/A has long been buried along side its founding father, Dr. Garang!

The current SPLM/A, deeply tribal, bigoted, corrupt, divisive and beholden to Uganda, shouldn't be an example to immolate. If anything, this SPLM/A is nothing but a total disgrace to the people of S. Sudan and it allies around the world. Certainly, that's not Dr. John Garang had intended when he founded the movement in 1983.

Look where the crooks who first initiated the crisis in South Sudan, Pagan Amum, John Luk Jok, and Deng Alor- are? In Juba! By so doing, the have proven what we all though of them in the first place: agents of evil, whose goal from the very beginning has been sedulously rewriting history using tribalism to foment hatred among the great people of South Sudan.

Their funkies are in full blather praising them as heroes. But there is no question about the innocent Nuer civilians people, who were savagely massacred in a broad day light.
The Nuer are well know for forgiveness, but they will not ever forgive Pagan Amum for the disparaging remarks he made in the aftermath of the massacre.

Dr. Riek Machar's leadership is deeply in trouble. The regime in Juba led by a man who can't complete a sentence in the English language, out-smarted a movement headed by a Ph.D. from England! Kiir, a bomb-thrower, continues to score one propaganda victor after another, by showing up at peace talks, knowing full well that they are only buying

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