The decline of marriage rate is a threat to a Sudanese community by Kamal Ahmed Musa

The decline of marriage rate is a threat to a Sudanese community by Kamal Ahmed Musa

04-01-2015, 04:12 PM


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Title: The decline of marriage rate is a threat to a Sudanese community by Kamal Ahmed Musa
Author: Kamal Ahmad Musa
Date: 04-01-2015, 04:12 PM

04:12 PM Apr, 01 2015
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The wedding rates in Sudan have been minimized in contrast to the size of the entire population of country due to a financial impediment ,a team of indigenous experts replied once asked about the decline of marriage percentage.
The first was to do with a lamentable lack of money which many describe as the sinew of life. In addition, there is the exorbitant high cost of subsistence. The third reason why the ratio of union has receded is the ever-growing immigration of young celibate people to be enabled with tying the knot.
Dr.Eiman Ahmed, the dean of urbane college at Al-Azhari University in Khartoum, in a public enlightenment Center ,South of the capital city shed the light on the challenges that confront members of Sudanese family like globalization which she thought had weakened the sense of family.
Her eminence Dr. Eiman Ahmed raised concern over the risk of un-employment that began to manifest in the incidence of theft, drug-abuse and extra-marital affairs that occurred as result of abstinence from marriage hampered by the lack of funds. She grumbled that the political and social instability affected the typical Sudanese family to the extent that the more pressing needs are not attainable within the limit of what the laity can afford.
For his part, Dr. Dasougi Jalal Hamid, the co-ordinator of Higher Studies in Khartoum University pointed out that a set of challenges encounter Sudanese family and cited the disruptive relationships caused by violence, law educational standard, the brunt of an economic status and the combination of these might lead to family disintegration.

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