MAN OF EVIL short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

MAN OF EVIL short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam

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Title: MAN OF EVIL short story by Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Author: Mohammed Alfatih Mubarak Adam
Date: 03-21-2015, 00:20 AM

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chapter one

The share of the lion is always left to the lion, but the share of the fox is most of the time easy to be taken by the tigers. Thus the way of life, of animals.

In , the leafy forest of ''Gedn naima''village ,between the river of jineey,and the lake of ''gundo'', where the damp of the devil was built.

The crowd of the old young trees gave the place ,magic view.The village is near to the see, and it has a beautiful nature than their city "monsamo".

The embarkers of the the see's sandales, and their roaring as if they were orated by their aggressive one leader.

They , the travellers, move from time to another . From their village to the other parts of world. These lofty people entered the ''Gedn naima''and everyone of them, asked for his hope.

The power,the strength,the bravery,And a cup full of elephants blood, for their king.

They threw some bloods of chickens, into the river of jinee, and ate from the trees of ''gundo''.

The tree's fruit is in five shapes and red coloured, differ from one tree to another.They ate and made their mids plenty.

Their ilks, are waiting for the ships to come.They all were angry, because they have to bring some golden water to wash their fighting shields.But they first have to enter the forest of devils.which was not entered for even one inhalings or exhaling moment by anyone except the jinn. They were so angry for that,but , their anger was just like a lice anger against the whale in it's house.

Their distence is about, five hundred lofty men.

The lofty man's length is three meters.

They, started to fall onto the river, to swim toward the village, they consider this to be an important event.

They're reached home.the winner is three young beautiful ladies are for him.

This happen every five years,when they travel and get back home. Makalee, is the winner of this year, and three festivals ago, inspite of his whitten hair, and his age.

Now , he has reached the title of the clan leader, after serving from birth, reaching to the seventh earth.

Congratulation, for the man who is able to see things from long distence,intending the meaning of his name. said the minister of him, with bright face, and some sort of haste.He answered back in nodding, and with a little bit of smiling. They quickly cleaned the ship, anchor it and download, the goods.

Okee, remembered the words of their leader, makalee, when he said ''The share of the lion is always left to the lion, but the share of the fox is most of the time easy to be taken by the tigers''. Okee, said :the provision of the frogman, wouldn't to be in the sky.

The lion has taken his three new wives to his compound. The number of women in comparison to men was so high that they flee to marry several such community, the men are precious by the titles they have.

The one wife married man is called coward, for he couldn't to dare and marry another woman.they are going for meeting their maker in early duration after birth.

charted two

The moon, was looking as a thief, out of the room , through the ajared door.

The clouds, blocked apart of it, but makalee was able to see the entire shape of the semi appeared moon as a whole.

He was very anxious.

He didn't enjoyed that night.

He sunk in thinking till, 'junjadi',came to him, and he fall sleeping .when it comes to someone, he'll have no way to escape. It was their eternal enemy for they can't beat it mostly.

In his journey to the quite house sometimes unless the guests mightmares came to you, he saw,a child. It was crying for no reason, and suddenly, he converted to an ormolu and then, to a sand scattering into the un reachable , or touchable canopy.

He wokeup stickly, quickly ,with great horror.He walked toward the forest of his ancestral fathers.He sat down shaped horizontal and vertical shape,thinking, wondering, and wander in thinking.He said :when the lion gets old, the goat would play touching his testicle.

He threw, few pieces of dry peanuts , that was mixed with salt and lemo into the tree and return back home, to dream again with the same creature, where he had thrown 'goli_goli'.

The pieces of 'goli_goli', is used for eating. But that was apart of his dream.When he return home, he thought that , he will be able to sleep. But , faeces in stomach prevent not against hunger.The same topic was in his heart.So,

he returned back again to the forest to find the child on a basket in which was written something not usuall to the clan.

The shape round the boy increased the situation with more worst.

They all made their lines, and stood behind. But, makalee, has to do this not because he is the leader of the clan.

He brought him to them, he was a brave child, for he had not twinkle , when he moved his hand, infront of his face.

They washed him by the lunar water, to avoid him the spirits of evil.

His body was slippery,as the water of the nose that the water can't remain in his body.

It was unusuall that he was crying as if it was burning him, and tormenting him.

They all thought to put him into a boat and send him the the river of jinee , the head bed of evil spirits. But it was too distant.They collect firewood to burn him therein, for he had rejected the sacred water of silver. And non rejecet it except those which the spirits of evils had touch them.

The‏ ‏synod decided to throw him into the fire away from the village. Okee raised up his‏ ‏stave, in respected way.

I don't think that it's perfect to throw him into the fire.

The leader risen and roared onto the council, and pointed to the fire with his gearstick ,to the fire.

He took him by himself to the blaze.

On his way, he realized that, they'd decided an evil thing.

He could not to go back on his decission.But when he reached there, close to the fire. He threw not the child, but his stave instead.He had abandoned his leadership for he has got some kindness. He protected the child and forsake his titles and his wives, except few of them.

The clan people shoute and roared, when the king appointed okee,himself as a new leader.A speaker of them, whispered within himself, ''''The share of the lion is always left to the lion, but....

chapter three

Okee,as a new leader of the clan. He ordered makalee to throw down the child,while the king was standing speechless, for he has no right to speak of this.He rejected the command of his new leader.

Makalee, said to him: the wolf know , the house where therein is a big stave.

He said:the wolf is in great fear when the dog is snoring, how if it's a lion!

The sky is too far, to be touched.

Then, the crowd shouted,a wow, wow , wow.

Makalee, said to him: it's impossible to box a hedgehog.They both filled by wrath.

Then, they fought.

The earth under them, wished if it knows their language , that it may speak to them.

Blessing of given things said the king of the clan.

Okee, stopped when the king call him.It's the midday, so it's good for you both to stop before i move my words.And he left.

The king now should pay three tuskers , for he has broken the law. But , makalee, paid instead.

He took his family into the ship with forty men and they go into the see toward a new land by the see.No one followed them, for they had reach a secure place, even if someone reached them, he would perish.

chapter four

The city of ghuny,where there was no lots of people.It lies by the see and close to.

Therein, is a type of every tasty fruits, pure water and good location.

The city was established by the young brother of the king haski, the king of "monsamo".He had escaped from as a result of conspiracy that was plotted by okee, blessing of given things.

Okee,long time ago,killed three women and forced the guards to claim saying that yaya,was the killer.The court, decided to kill him but, he with his followers escaped to a new land where makalee had flee too.In their way they found a ship about to sunk on the see. So, they helped them and both became one community.The reached there at the early morning.

Before they enter the city of "ghuny", they sent‏ ‏their pathfinder, which was coward and mouse in the city of "yaya".they have their explorer also.but the mouse has to go up climbing the mountain which shelted the village.

He told them , that there's a ship , anchored by the see.

The guard took forty men which were ate much. For every ten men is to make dunghill of faeces!

So, they made four piles!, and drew footsteps as if , they're a step of big ogre.

The pathfinder scared and return back swiftly, as if he is a member of wind family.

Makalee, decided to go all together.Because he has seen them from long distence when they were talking, in their compound.he interested looking to their land fro the high mountain.

One of the guards knew him from long distence too.

He talked to ghuny, saying that man is makalee.We should kill them , he came to destroy our land.Said the guard.

That's Eve, the eldest wife of makalee.Ghuny, realized that, there's something rather than seeking destroying his land.

Eve,is a strong woman,that she can cook for eighty strong hungry men,but in absence of her husband.

Shouted ghuny in cheerful voice,''ya ha' 'when they came , they clasp, as if they were a land and a land together.

Yaya, shew his gratitude for makalee, and said to them: "this is your new village and clan".

thank you makalee, for saying that i was innocent of tasting the blood of that women, because really i am not.They all went to their beds, that was created of palm trees trunks, with leaf and jalousie in the middle.

Quickly, swiftly you can catch the donkey.

Slowly , slowly , you can the monkey!

My thrown has no janitor.

With no cuspid, i'm not a predator.

The coward feels happy for what they gain.

But, the brave one, must return again.

At the next morning , they both talked about what okee, has done.

Next day morning , they sat on the sands, warning their bodies with the sun burning light.

A fruits is differ when it's outside the stomach,and the same when it's inside. said ghuny, meaning that his father is mercy to everyone, except those, who they belong to the family.meaning himself by that.

Your brother is, a son who just born, and the midwife has licked his face.No hair will be for him in his mouth nor in his beard.

Now, you describe him by thorned person on his face?

He has made me to be having no mercy nor i will be.

Your brother was affected by okee, because, he wasn't to shed your blood nor to command the people to shed it.

Chapter five.

In the village of monsamo,the king light, was laying down sick. One, of his doctors suggested to him, centipede with some limbs cactus.

Then, a gamin came into his room, sang a lily for him, and gifted him a beautiful gander.

It was crying ghuny, ghuny!

So, the king wished if he can meet his son

And his minister as well.

He strated to make merry for he has got the three wives, for he has won the prize of the swimming at that year's occassion.

Monsamo, the food for our people , shouted one of the soldiers.

Okee, seized him from his beard , and threw him into the river.he fell with his title glory and left his own three wives.

You've found nothing.

Everything is mine.

And he started to tantalise the people of monsamo.

They wished if makalee would return again and kiss away their suffer.

The king is not able to speak nor to prevent his people against okee.

Shaikronka in sunka shooda katina ba zaso dawoe.

I wished if my years return back with me in health cloth and my strength, talke his heart, but his mind didn't respond to.Two of the three men that testified against ghuny, are killed by okee ,for they decided to tell the truth for the elder brother of ghuny.They rejected to kill the king when he was sleeping.because okee, has been beyond the limits. The third fleed with his flesh and leather and took the king to a safe place. Nearby the shrine of the old witch.He put few pieces of poisoned goli goli into his pocket,which was intended to be put into the soup of the king haski, but haski was no longer coloured.

She was burn into the dark shrine of evil. The shrin is far from the village and no one was able to enter therein.It was about two thousand men distant from the city. They think that the spirit of evil will touch them, then the one will be a cursed witch. He went to bring some food. But, he found his son dead and his wife as well.his two companion soldiers were generous titled because they both have double wife . The two wife need a generous man to pay for their eat.

The soldier, regreted so much of what he had done.If you had grown cucumber, you will never harvest dura. But, its time to go. He took the sword of haski, the cup of the honour and some of his golden pieces.

They were very tired, and exhausted.

They fall when they fought for longtime with junjadi into the cursed shrine.

You were wrong said a man who wore white cloth.

I must kill if you're alone.

Yes i, was wrong but i've known my faults, so i hope if i can change the bad tasty past.

If you're telling the truth, i will help just have to drop a tear of yours into the honoured cup of the king.That it will lightup this area if you indeed telling the truth.

The cup lightened the shrine and the king wokeup very well and harbi too.

The man came to them again,but in real, then shoke hand with them.

He shown them away that they should go through.

This is your way of surviving, but you have both never go away from this way.if you do, you will be as a blind man who wander astray.They came to a land.After being travelling for ages of days, In which they found a couple of men, they were falling and standing up horn again.

These two men, are named, KAMA,and Chika.

The first, is telling the other that, if i should release you, i'll fall down. And the second, is telling the other that if you take a hold of me, i will fall.They laughed at them, and go onto their straight white light.

They found, a boy on his way to them. Haski, took him into his arm, but soon, the son was down.

He said to himself, the of scorpian , if you would carry him, it will no longer be in your hand.

Chapter six

in the city of monsamo, the aggressive leader, oke,the back handed man.

Went to his voodoo, to cause bad and negative effect on haski,by using magic. But, the white man was always there.To protect haski.The white man shew okee, the soldier whitness, makalee, ghuny, and the people of ghuny into his own magic messor!

Oke, was grand of surprised to see them all together, for haski, had left before no longer time.The time is not enough to make him reach that distant and not neighbored land.He started to torment the people of monsamo, until one day, he came to the market.

He was taking every good lad,to be among his army.

A boy about ten years lifetime was inside his mother sticking.

Zaki was morethan beloved to his mother roso, the name was taken from his own grandmother which was such a lion.

Roso, everyday goes to the green land with her axe, to bring fire wood,for cooking and warming her son zaki.the ogre tree could hardly able to stay when she is hitting it.

When sometimes the ogre is beside, it ran away fearful of her.

Zaki, was really a lion, for when he was born ,he wasn't to twinkle his eyes as well as the other children on his own lifetime.

The wicked creature of the green wood, they have the authority to permit your coming by the forest. But, that was not the same, when it comes to roso, for she can spread down a young strong orangutan by only one kick of her back hand.

Okee, took her son into his lofty tusker.

She stood up quickly until her back made a wham, which indicates breaking of her backbone .She took her ferric mallet, and seperate it from the woody part and throw it into the titan strong animal.It was only seven swift inhalings and exhalings, to be dead.Eating the porridge of second wife, is paid back by her.Said the man of much paying back.

They have been fighting for long time, then , he threw her down. She was spread to the ground, she thought of her son, and the recompense of his father.

She did intended to stand up, but her backbone is was no longer able‏ ‏to tolerate her heavy aspects,and then, she kicked the pocket softly.The people got angry but no one dared and spoke.

Chapter seven

After the son has risen and sat ten times,

an old man with a basket on his hand came to the market, and spread his own skin rug.That was made of elephants skin.He was seeking revenge from okee.He brought out, a mug with some water in it and a golden needle.

He poured some sand from the his basket and some water from his pitcher to purify the muddy water.

After ten inhalings, the water was pure, to show the picture of the leader okee.

He made a puncture into the eyes of him.He was ill laying on his bed shouting at his healers.One of them kick him into the ground in his own room. One said to one another, it's an irrespect to the tooth that we throw it away when it hurts. But, we can't pull out the eye of we off!

Said the other;

maybe because, the eyes are in pair but, the teeth really in set!. He stood up and starting to fight with no one, kicking everything were infront of him.He killed three of his wives when nothing was to be seen for him.He gave every golden piece to his servants, and his precious ivory shield. But, they were angry of him, thus, they took him to the crowdy market of the deads' world returnees.the people of monsamo once a day, they saw a man crushed by a tusker.he was soon dead. But few months after they put him under the soil, they saw him into the place where the stand in currently. They decided to name it , the market of the dead.

One of his voodoo, came and took him , to a safe place.The man who took him was unvisible to them, as result of his magic.

Chapter 8

meanwhile, the people of ghuny and other villages round them brought their army together.they were seeking revenge of okee.the army of the two leader,glorified , and honoured will meet each other said ghuny.

The honour title is given to someone who served the king , the clan, and married from fifteen women.

The people of monsamo heard the roaring of ghuny's army and they prepare themselves to a battle while they were not knowing of where that army comes from. They thought that , they have no leader.but, rubi, was there. He was rather in wicked and evil than his father when he is feeling peace.He was sent to a far land to go there and learn fighting to be a great warrior and fighter.When he came back, he saved his father again, and dominated the entirely authority of ruling his people.

Makalee, haski, and ghuny, were all put on their heavy shields.

They put front their plan.

The nice sunday is known since when it's wednesday.They were such people who have no sunday, saturday or friday.

The clouds of dust came high and it rained not except dark. It prevented the son and moon of sighting.

The people of monsamo, were also ready, and got the news, from no one, but the shaking earth from under them.The distance is not much far, just two hundred men. They strated to shout intending, to a frighting each other.But, both did not , except the coward spreaded one.They draw front their swords, pointing at each other's direction.They were shouting, and roaring, death, and jinee.It was only five in and exhalings, to start their journey , in which no one of the two parties shall return back again, nor will be remaining in life.

An old man came with a basket on his hand, and a boy from among the army of makalee came out, and clutched infront of the old man, they were similar to ilk other.The old man took him into his arm,for long time.The lad left and went toward the army of monsamo and split them‏ ‏‎into twain.

The old man spoke to the duo, armies.They were persuaded by him to do never fight to shed their blood.The one who should die, is okee.A boy came with an old man draged on the earth, and was seized from his beard.He took out of his elephant skin bag a poniard, the stiletto is to kill him.

Rubi, Humhumed,strongly.he was having no wife, that why they sometimes call him the an aided man as a title for him.But, he was as a half lion man to that sprig.The criminal man, took my son onto his ship, when you came together last time speaking to makalee.

I was knowing about it all from the running of the blood to the digeste.I should thank you , makalee, for you have kept this boy which is my son. I decided to kill him by him.

The boy, moved with his dagger toward the blind man to kill him. But, rubi, have to protect his father.The grand old man, stopped them, to give makalee the chance to decide.

I shouldn't kill one of my clan, but the one who tormented them.

He moved toward them, while the king haski, is standing into his mammoth. He was almost moving every part of his face, and his hands were shaking.Rubi, and makalee, fought together for longtime.

The son was waiting for them to stop. She couldn't to sit, because it was so nice fighting.

If i should sit,i shall return quickly with my sweat.

Finally, makalee, could throw him down dead.

Okee, was about to escape, when the people were shouting , death, blood, death, jinee.

The king told them to do never kill him, and let him go.

He felt very shamefully and swallowed,a piece of poisoned goli goli which was prepared to be given to the king haski, formally.

The old man and his son, thanked the king and makalee, and promissed them to come back again, and help them to establish the kingship and make a kingdom of united ghuny and monsamo.To the river of jinee,said the old man.

The king and makalee, the leader decided to call the kingdom, "monsamo ghuny", you've really got back your brother, ghuny .

I should not shed any blood, because my entire life will be happiness.


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