Advancing the Anti-Bombing Campaign by Khalid Kodi

Advancing the Anti-Bombing Campaign by Khalid Kodi

12-04-2014, 04:26 PM


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Title: Advancing the Anti-Bombing Campaign by Khalid Kodi
Author: خالد كودى
Date: 12-04-2014, 04:26 PM

The Sudanese government has been bombing civilians in South Kordfan, Blue Nile, and Darfur. In response, people from Kauda in the Nuba mountains of South Kordufan in Sudan launched a unique anti-bombing campaign. Men, women, boys, and girls designed signs that demanded an end to the bombing of their families, homes, schools, hospitals, markets, culture, and beautiful mountains.

On September 3rd, the Sudanese Democracy First Group (SDFG) launched an international campaign furthering the efforts of the Kauda people. SDFG campaigned for international solidarity with the people under the bombardment.

We ask for your alliance with the civilian people of South Kordfan, Blue Nile and Darfur.
• We invite you to gather your friends, colleagues, and family to produce similar photographs and then upload them or send them to us. In this email I attached signs which you can use, but feel free to create your own.
• Take a picture of you holding your sign in front of an iconic background such as the UN, White house, a capital of a city, school, a hospital, etc… be as imaginative and creative as you want! If you would like to take a selfie with a sign, we would love that as well.
• Furthermore, if you know a public figure or celebrity, please ask them to participate.
• Use any images on our website to create a postcard. Send this postcard to your representative, government official, state department, ministry of foreign affairs, and international organizations such as the United Nations. While you can certainly use photos of war, we also encourage you to use the images of the beautiful landscapes, people, faces, culture, and artwork of South Kordfan, Blue Nile, and Darfur. You can express a message with a slogan like "Stop Bombing ______" or one of your own creation. We believe positive images can be just as effective, if not more, than images of wartime destruction.
• Any effort is greatly appreciated!

We hope this movement will pressure the Sudanese government and related international agencies to stop bombing civilians and infrastructure in South Kordufan, Blue Nile and Darfur. By having people hold signs in front of structures and backgrounds that mean a lot of them, it will be easier to empathize with the people impacted by the bombings in these areas of Africa. While we want to generate awareness over the bombing of South Kordufan, Blue Nile, and Darfar, we also want this campaign to transcend into a discussion over the bombing of civilians in all areas of the world and times of history.

We will be setting up a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter in the coming week. If you would like more information about the conflict, please visit Also, email us your photos and questions at _________.

We look forward to seeing your photos! Your images will make a huge impact to the campaign and to all the people they will reach.


Khalid Kodi