Public Opinion in the south designated support for Dr: Machar

Public Opinion in the south designated support for Dr: Machar

10-03-2014, 07:58 PM


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Title: Public Opinion in the south designated support for Dr: Machar
Author: Michael Gatguat Tap
Date: 10-03-2014, 07:58 PM

The following yesterday on 01/10/2014 me and the other south Sudanese intellectuals had a small gathering in the one of the Egyptian hotel debating the calamity of the republic of south Sudan and the better way forward for the young African nation . So the result of colloquium or conversation indicate a very strong support for the SPLM/A-in opposition under the leadership of Dr Riak Machar, they also told me the reality and the secret as follow.

• -an estimated 90 percent of south Sudanese said there was no coup, but that is the clear plan by the ruling clique under the juba faction president salva kiir to assassinate opponents with in the SPLM to keep themselves in power and that plan was premeditated long time ago at Yei conference.
• -private army were illegally trained ,graduated who hailed from one sub clan of bahar El Ghazal and armed and paid by tax payer, money ,reshuffling of those want reform within the SPLM party so that it become democratic immediately took place .

• one of them also confirmed to me that no one wants to be associated with what so call juba faction (government) but because money is poured to bribe many to act as if they are with the government while at heart we are with the SPLM/A-opposition under Dr machar who want the republic of south Sudan to be federal democratic state.

If you read and understand the above mentioned momentous points it indicate that president kiir want to fabricated rage ethnic nationalism to ensure cluttering facilitated national leadership and also want to dominate on the rest of his foes who want reform democracy in the country .

In our conclusion to the conversation we come out with the follow bellow view that the state of south Sudan need to put into the action in the good future governance of the next awaiting federal democratic republic of south Sudan are

• -south Sudan need the right of the authority practice
• -south Sudan need the right to arbitrate sacred law of firm indictment
• south Sudan need the right of benefit of the social wealth to meet the needs of the citizens compare to the regime of salva kiir who run out of development
• south Sudan need the right of Revising democracy in a popular frame compare to the regime of salva kiir who is imposing the autocracy in a popular frame
• -south Sudan need the right of social life in the shadow of family ,tribe and nation compare to the regime of mad dictatorship of soft who create the policy of fascination among one beloved people of south Sudan.

Long live south Sudan
Long live the people of south Sudan
Long live al –Zeam Dr Machar

The author is Michael Gatguat tap Gatluak, a concern south Sudanese citizen residing in Arab republic of Egypt and Former NYSAE and can be reached at: mailto:[email protected] mailto:–[email protected][email protected] contact mobile:+201148879177.