The Sudan I want by Sameer Kuku

The Sudan I want by Sameer Kuku

09-29-2014, 06:37 PM


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Title: The Sudan I want by Sameer Kuku
Author: مقالات سودانيزاونلاين
Date: 09-29-2014, 06:37 PM

A country that take care of her children since their birth so that everyone enjoys the freedom which is God's gift, a country that has a unique relationship with the citizens, a

real home not just a piece of land with a group of people living randomly. The parents should raise the kids by instilling good values in their offspring and give a family

atmosphere that makes the child feels so loved. Then, the schools receive the children to prepare them mentally, spiritually and physically and develop their talents and the

taste of beauty to become good citizens. The families come together to shape a responsible and respectful communities in which everybody feels secure and safe, the

communities should sponsor the orphans and homeless people and most importantly for the communities is to grasp that by science and knowledge not sorcery and

witchery we will move forward, and within that community I would be able to find true friends not those who chased away by difficult times.Thereafter, comes Sudanese

people who must value love not hatred, generosity not greed, justice not oppression, vitality not laziness, creation not destruction, the people must respect women and

minorities and top of that obeying the authorities.Then the people select the best for the government, and the government should have an easy relationship with the people,

no stupid wars, no discrimination and no bureaucracy.The government realizes that the first enemy of the people is poverty, and understands that we are extremely diverse

people so the top priority is to create a harmonious people and promote lasting unity. The government should respect the human rights of the people and work to build a

balanced relationship with the regional and international community. Lastly, the government officials should know that if the power lasted for the people before them it will

never reach them