Hacking of Sudaneseonline Website By: Ali Alkanzi

Hacking of Sudaneseonline Website By: Ali Alkanzi

09-29-2014, 06:34 PM

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Title: Hacking of Sudaneseonline Website By: Ali Alkanzi
Author: مقالات سودانيزاونلاين
Date: 09-29-2014, 06:34 PM

Ali Alkanzi
SudaneseOnline: سودانيزاونلاين

I was deeply sad and shocked with the traumic hacking of the Sudaneseonline website. This unjustified act of violence and terror reflects lack of tolerance, disrespect of others and disregard of others’ opinions. In my previous article about Imam Jafar AlSadiq, I presented an impressive example reflecting Imam Jafar’s tolerant behavior which is contradicted by the annoying violent and terrorist behavior currently adopted by some fanatic Arab and Muslim groups. It is noticeable that when there arises an intellectual dispute among us we fail to adhere to the principles of dialogue and rational argument. This happens at the individual level, group level and rulers’ level. There are many examples of those who lost their lives and properties, those who have been silenced, intimidated and terrorized. These are the atrocities that afflicted the Arab citizen when he stands to defend or publicize his ideas, viewpoints and opinions. In this article I shall present concrete examples of the atrocities that afflicted individuals and that committed by a group of criminals and rulers.

At the individual level, I would refer to certain cases of people who think that by their engagement with others they possessed them especially when the later express opposing opinion or standpoint contrasting to the former. We all remember with painful feelings the case of the Lebanese singer, Suzan Tamim, who was slaughtered for her stance against a person she does not like. Reference may also be made to the case of the Saudi TV newscaster and presenter, Rania AlBaz, who escaped inevitable death because of the ruthless beating of her cruel husband leading to the smashing of her jaws and mutilating of her face. Rania AlBaz reported her story in her book the “Defiguree”, published in French. In Sudan we have the case of Mrs. Sana AlAmin whose face was disfigured by her husband in the same manner of the husband of Rania AlBaz. In Rania case, her husband used his hands and feet to mutilate her face while in Sana case her husband used his wickedness and an acid solution to disfigure her face and suppress a weak woman. Rania AlBaz stated in her book:” He wanted to mutilate my beautiful face and transfer me to an ugly woman disliked by people”. The reader may notice that the three women have been attacked at their homes and is there any safe and secure place for a woman except with her home?

As for the atrocities committed by a group of criminals, I would refer to the case of the Sudanese journalist, Mohammed Taha Mohamed Ahmed, who was assassinated by a group of criminals because of his writings and the articles published in his newspaper. Furthermore, I would refer to the case of the Egyptian writer and thinker, Faraj Fuda, who was also assassinated because of his articles and book titled: “The Lost Fact”, the fact which have been lost and shall remain lost because we are an absent-minded nation.

As for the atrocities of the regimes and rulers, I have many examples pertaining to this matter and I would refer to the stories mentioned in the referenced book:” The Lost Fact”. As for me I shall not disclose any story fearing night visits of the security agents.

We are still far away from the Quranic approach of dialogue which commands us to propagate in a good manner. Remember the Quranic verse which commanded Moses and Aaron to call the tyrant Pharaoh in a lenient and gentle way.

It is not strange that someone of us attack Sudaneseonline website believing that the violence and terror is the effective weapon to eliminate others and silence their voices forever. We since long time and up to date used to oppose others not intellectually but by swords and machine-guns and even if we excuse our opponents we say that they are godless infidels and when we are more lenient towards them we say that they are agents of the enemy and fifth column who sold their religion and country in consideration for worldly benefits.

We in the Arab world and the Islamic world, since long time, have no established democratic system of power succession. Power is either inherited or obtained through hand picking of the successor or by military coup. Accordingly, our culture has no tolerance for others opinion or respect of others’ viewpoints or others judgments, feelings and convictions. This is consistent with our psychology and education.

We are impatient nation of weak memory, corruptible and unprincipled behavior. No consideration for the blessings of diversity. The true believer should absorb such diversity and cope with it.

The writer believes that Sudaneseonline is an open forum for practicing democracy, pluralism and tolerance. We find that there are some few writers who practice this democracy rationally while the majority usurps this democracy for self-interests. Nobody should dictate his viewpoints on others. Sudanese online journalism and Sudaneseonline website’ experience in this field is, to a large extent, immature. We all need to nourish it carefully. No one should dictate his viewpoints on us and we must allow people express themselves freely. We need to be tolerant, open-minded and forbearing. We need to deal with each other flexibly respecting our cultural and intellectual differences. We need to avoid aggression, hostility and violence.