Sudanese Online Website is the Nation Memory By Hafiz Ingalabo

Sudanese Online Website is the Nation Memory By Hafiz Ingalabo

09-27-2014, 07:23 PM


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Title: Sudanese Online Website is the Nation Memory By Hafiz Ingalabo
Author: حافظ أنقابو
Date: 09-27-2014, 07:23 PM

The sensation often motivated me to write about Sudanese online website. Sometimes I start writing, then I stopped for something inside me,that my testimony might be wounded, because, I belongs to the people of the house, but they are truth words I should say them ,if the sword on my neck. It is therefore I should acknowledge that, and send to Sudanese online website leading leader engineer Bakri Abubakr brother greeting and gratification. I can not say that he is the website owner, it become of Sudanese people ownership, it has contains for more then decade documentaries and events , blemish for you engineer Bakri Abuakr brother if you believe differently then that, engineer Bakri Abubakr brother,wasn’t short period of time since, and before I been included for the Sudaneseonline website membership. I have been passionately following what is going on whether opinions, or events or documentaries or writings.
Sudanese online website source of information’s for journalists all. It is true that those who writing in Sudanese online website are not professionals or some of them. But they can supply you with a tiny of information which would guide you to the truth. I would say the truth testimony without hesitation. In all media institutions which I was worked, if I can not find in website its members, I can find at website its followers, its members can not miss the coming or escaping of Sudan events. It is therefore I regard the whole Sudanese online is the Nation Memory, which contains the data archive for events , since the date of launching until president time.
This Sudanese online website is regard researcher source of the future, because, it has arrangement, dates, and archive observe . It’s possible and easy for any researcher to reach at any time he wants. But from freedom expression side, I believe that the Sudanese online website its membership is available for all, it seem however, through essays, thesis’s on page or general forum, whether they are the government supporters or oppositions. It is truth that there are thesis’s doesn’t cross any one mind, it will find its fortunate of discussion, circulation and publication, I didn’t fined in Sudanese online. Despite the Sudanese online website its importance, and its celebrity and concerns which he has from existence opinion freedom, we find is experiencing blockade problems from the government side, which has capacity supporters in numbers ,those who obtain Sudanese online website membership. I believe that the decision of website blockade unsuccessful decision , the Sudanese people especial they always do demand forbidden theory.
A lot of them have been endeavor to strive to know what is going on with blockade of the website. The website blockade has benefit a grate numbers of those how to have knowledge of login into blockade websites. I believe that this decision wasn’t successful decision. While the government declarations existence , says she will release freedoms to whom wants to practice political activity or expression of his opinion. The Government however, has mechanism for website blockade, also citizens have their own mechanism to break blockade wall. Coming back for main thesis , I emphasize that Sudanese online website will become Nation Memory, it should be observed. However, the archive and its full of information to be observe, it would facilitate for every person to research at any time and from any place.

Transilated by Salim Abdelrhman Dekin