Post-Presidential election war had been proposed ahead before post-independence on 2015

Post-Presidential election war had been proposed ahead before post-independence on 2015

09-02-2014, 02:40 PM


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Title: Post-Presidential election war had been proposed ahead before post-independence on 2015
Author: Ruach Wal Yat
Date: 09-02-2014, 02:40 PM

Post-Presidential Election War had been proposing ahead before Post-Independence on 2011 and constitutes long-term planned Civil War for elimination to single tribe (Nuer) in south Sudan.

Ruach Wal Yat, the Head Chief and Young General, and also Spokesperson in Greater Upper Nile region to represent Youth for peace dialogue and self-defense, and he has become radically discuss the root cause of post-Presidential election war in new current civil war of south Sudan.

South Sudan new civil war has been begun on Dec. 15, 2013 because Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny declaring his running for post upcoming Presidential candidate election against his running-mate (Salva Kiir Mayardit). South Sudan has been dominated by one tribe (Dinka). Dinka are dominance all government sovereign to own high positions. They don’t want to allow anyone from other tribes to penetrate into power and take Presidential seat by upcoming election.

Illusionary, Dinka tribes had been believed were born to rule southerners for unification. They believed to bring all south Sudanese people together until to achieve south Sudan independence, but they failed the mission to accomplish their future destination to rule south in peaceful because for incite violence in the country. But in some point’s agenda, they hidden plot behind against to invade single tribe (Nuer) out of 62 tribes before election will be hold on 2015. They prepared reason that will avoid election to hold on for the way to prevent other tribes getting into election to running Presidential seat position.

Furthermore, Dinka propose coups document down in official office for reason to convince other nations to accuse Nuers are now being-planning coup against current regime. This sanction plot had been proposed by high politicians from entire Dinka community in official office before post- independence on 2011. They were hoping this proposal will prove our claim to international community to make it professional and successful after to announce this crisis on public media. The authorities’ politicians from Dinka community have been working on table throughout eight years straight, and for designing Post-Presidential election war before on 2015 incoming contest.

Dinka tribe had been feeling in threat by Nuer in south Sudan because of being - Nuer living in south Sudan. They had been proposed long - term planned war ahead before south Sudan independence will arrive. This proposal has been arranging for elimination and displacement Nuer populations in south Sudan. They believe if Nuer will come in power then Nuer will be the dominance to own a sovereign government power in, for life time.

Dinka live in fear not to allowing any Nuer man for running candidate seat because they might think Nuer will control resources of country after they win Presidential election post. They have been preparing the war ahead before the incident will happen to devastate the Nuer land. They worked hard to control first, second, and third classes to control all the resources of the country before post-Presidential election war will announce against Nuer. Living Dinka to fear in south Sudan for Nuer is only way the reason they create defamation coup. They made plan full ahead to make coup to be more sensitive to convince international community for the reason a violent will erupt over.

Dinka tribe had had complicated this post-Presidential election war issue-crisis before over past years to accused Nuers tribe were violence people in south Sudan. Dinka used accusation in western - world before the war will be erupting in south Sudan. “They said, we had been displaced in Africa especially in south Sudan because of being-Nuers were killing us and raiding our properties for displacement.” They used to convince neighborhoods’ countries in Africa and keep saying Nuer became more violence people, and they don’t know the reason what are fighting for. Dinka used to criticize leadership of Nuer must not fit to rule a nations in peaceful. They used to convince churched, organizations, and other public officials offices in western-world Nuer are violence tribes in Africa like Somalia, and never knows practically of leadership to rule all nation in politely way.

Dinka and Nuer tribes have been fought for severals years as ethnic-line conflict. This conflict has been existed for several years because of raiding cattle and conquering land for domination. This conflict never had been reached by international community in order to resolve the conflict for ending cessation hostility. Dinka had planned plot and believe, if this Presidential election war will happen, and then most population majority Nuer will leave the country and flee to Ethiopia for getting naturalization. Being of living Nuer in south Sudan to be majority is becomes big threat to Dinka ethnic to spoil their incoming empire in the future. They made decision to create new civil war that must force Nuer to leave the country an immediately. They hope if Nuer will leave the country then Dinka must enjoy the ruling people in south Sudan without disturbing from that tribe (Nuer).

In fact, conflict was not stirring up because Dr. Riek Machar has declared his contest for upcoming election, but Dinka has been proposing long-term planning war against second majority tribe Nuer. The objective reason is because they don’t want to allow anyone from Nuer to be owner for the position of leadership in south Sudan in the future as leader. Even if somebody else not only Dr. Machar whom will contest too for Presidential election seat on 2015, then will not be acceptable for instigate on that post. They constitute document in transitional government constitutions, somebody like Nuer who decide to run seat candidate elector on upcoming election will be deny because of being him as Nuerman just simply like that. They put diehard document sanction against Nuer for incoming Presidential election and keep saying Nuer will be denying for not running on post- Presidential election. Dinka constitute transitional government against Nuer to deny Nuer-candidate man in coming years at any post-Presidential election.

In frankly speaking, the root cause of conflict civil war on current war in south Sudan is about Presidential election contest because Dr. Machar declares himself to be running-mate against his rival Salva Kiir Mayardit. While Kiir want next election term to be winner to deserve his position.

Dinka tribe had been designed proposal for denying anyone from Nuer because of being him as Nuer. Dinka became hatred of Nuer because they couldn’t tolerate fight one -by -one to conquer Nuerland, according back days conflict between Dinka and Nuer from their history background. They believe if Nuer will come in sovereign power to lead a country by one chance, then Nuer man will deserve that position for life without change. Nuer are always conquered Dinka to defeat and take all over their territories lands during Nuer conquer when Nuer took the territory of Dinka lands from back of the day on lifetimes.

On 2005 after CPA was held, then Dinka construct corruption proposal to took all budget to paid foreigners troops because for preparation incoming war. Four billion dolars had been stolen and spend outside in south Sudan to paid foreigns troops for warfare. Salva Kiir prepared tool of ammunition before to declare war against Dr. Riek Machar. Salva Kiir believed if Machar will declare his contest on upcoming election then he will be looser not a winner. Kiir constitute proposal if Dr. Machar will declare his contest then war will be start over without delay. He cooked the war on table to be hidden not telling his running-mate while Dr. Machar has no idea about incoming war.

There were some criteria factors sign which shown incoming war for post-Presidential election on 2015.

o Corruption and taken out budgets in the country to paid foreign troops illegally.

o The disarmament of Nuer villagers to collect their gun by government.

o Putting military Nuers generals for retirements.

o Dismissal vice-President (Dr.Machar) from his post.

o Prevented Nuer educated people to get job in government in public official’s office.

o Murder innocent Nuer in Juba without knowledge in official office.

Salva Kiir Design war Crime on table in post-Presidential Election for upcoming 2015 but Machar did not realizable on that Crisis for incoming war.

Salva Kiir has been desiging war crimes on table by the time both were sharing to represent citizens of south Sudan since 2005 up to 2013. But Dr. Machar did not realizable there has been plot against him for incoming day in the office. Salva Kiir had been cooked the war on table both were sharing together, but Machar never realizable on that situation. Machar believed both would bring citizens by peace incoming election, but his rival Kiir had hidden agenda on curb table.

Nuers were talking about war rumors and informed Machar about incoming war, but Machar deny that allegation. Machar trusted his rival to run-election together on upcoming election to get into fairly, but his rival Kiir had never been trusting Machar to be his running mate for upcoming post-Presidential election. During 8 years periods, Salva Kiir had been cooked the war on table in official office to prevent Dr. Machar not to run for SPLA party ticket on upcoming election. After all, Salva Kiir sacked his rival from Vice - President Post to bring another person to represent the Vice position.

President of South Sudan Kiir accused his rival Dr. Machar attempted coup to overthrow his regime. He claimed Machar imitate splits coup 1991, and he also taken tension all Nuer tribe has been plotted to overthrown government in this current regime on 2013.

Dinka tribes have been written some sanction documentation plots against Nuer or other minorities group before 2005. Their statement was saying Nuer will never come into power in south Sudan in future life. They put down as official document if this situation will happen, then we must use genocide to them because we are control sovereignty resources of the country. Dinka has been taken fears if Nuer become into power might be would taken prosecution revenge against us. In 2005 during CPA agreement, Dinka leaders proposed corruption to build their Dinkaism power in the future to dominate other tribes.

When war erupted between two rivals faction on 15 December 2013, Salva Kiir imitate the Rwanda genocide to assaulted Nuer civilians in Juba, and his statement would saying “Nuer power will be eliminating before 2015 upcoming election.” Obviously, Dinka believe last dominations during last centuries which is including Abel Aleer, Dr. Jonh Garang, and Salva Kiir rules dominations which have been begun since 1955 up to 2013.

Dinka expected will rule south Sudanese for more than 400 years from generation to generation and this is a reason President Salva Kiir Mayardit just follows the same situation for the past and stirring violence.

o President believes in nepotism, corruption to seized power in order to erupt tribal war to displace Nuer tribe in territory of south Sudan.

o Aristocracy and tyranny rule of single family, and also he proudly to become ruler country because he came from majority ethnicity. His tension becomes more hatred and ignorance of minorities’ group.

o Finally, he has been becoming more hatred to Nuer intellectual staffs in the central government and started killing of innocent Nuer people from house to house, and door to door.

Kiir became and supported aggressive nationalism and socialist to condemned democracy because he believed his rival Dr. Riek Machar has brought dividend the political party into two factions. While Dr Machar also opposed communism rule and he believe south Sudan must practice democracy political party to free everyone from dictatorship. Salva Kiir increased his power by appointing Dinka top officers, censoring the press, organizing secret Guards, and banning any criticism of the government.

Salva Kiir consumes and taken out massive budgets in order to bribe his counterpart allies to own political party to take next ticket. Salva Kiir stressed and he hopes to take another term ticket for upcoming election. He bribed neighborhoods countries because to support him for the rebels whom will accuse his regime against in south Sudan. He also had appointed all staffs from his ethnic group including ministers, Ambassadors, central government public services, and other to help his regime to negotiate with other countries.

Compare the Behavioral rule norms among Dinka and Nuer tribes to Rule Southeners.

Dinka Norms

o Dinka tribes are believed to bribe other people like foreigners to fight along with side to depend them against Nuer in order to own a power of leadership.

o Dinka believe to be gossipers and also to be talkative and talkative for accusation Nuer to neighborhoods countries, especially Eastern African or other foreigners’ troops. They have been keeping accuse Nuers are killer and disrupting peace in south Sudan.

o Dinka trusted Nuers are warrior and they will never tolerate their fight against, but they use alternative tactic to calm Nuer for peace negotiation in some way.

o Dinka like to create violence whenever they make sure they have back up like foreigners troops.

o Dinka like to eat huge food and own leadership but they don’t fight whenever there is invasion coming from different country to depend the victory of the land.

o Dinka don’t like to die infront of war but they like to talk about the war whenever there is no war. They like to claim the leadership in order to rule people but they don’t know how to manage the way how to rule the people for unification.

o Dinka never reconcile other whenever they have power to own the post-leadership.

o Dinka like peace when they started and they fail to win the war.

o Dinka domination took ideology rule from Arab domination against Nuer. But today on this incident, Arabs of North Sudan dominations had been better than Dinka domination in south Sudan.

o Arab can give food to other tribes without restriction condition but Dinka can’t give food to other tribes because they use their bitterly hatred to other tribes without forgiveness.

o Dinka can’t reconcile to other tribes but Nuer has reconciles to other tribes.

o Dinka like to rule the country for hatred domination with condition, but they can’t defend it when there is war invasion coming from another country.

Nuer Norms

o Nuer tribes are best warrior in east Africa like Zulu tribes in South Africa.

o Nuer was fought during British colony within 30 years and won their victory to defeat foreign troops but Dinka never did that.

o Nuer won that colony and defeated British in their regions but Dinka never defeat foreign troops in their region.

o Nuer opposed British colony during 19th century but Dinka accepted British colony because they can’t fight like Nuer to defense their regions.

o Nuers have mercy to accept other tribes to be their counterpart allies without violent. Dinka rule like condition to sanction other tribes to prosecute them, but Nuer don’t like prosecution to other.

o Nuers are reconciling to other tribes but Dinka can’t reconcile to other tribes.

o Dinka like to rule the country for hatred domination with condition and they can’t defend it when there is war invasion coming from another country, but Nuer like to rule for faiirness without condition, and also use to defence the country for foreign attack.

o Nuer fought for freedom to free other minorities from Dinka domination dictators, but Dinka tribes are fighting for their interest to own common personal wealth.

o All tribes in south Sudan are become frustrated from rule of dictatorship Dinkaism, but Nuer will eradicate those aggressive norms to calm Dinka tribes by any mean.

Ethnicities Conflict between Nuer and Dinka over Past Centuries has been constitute as inter-ethnic conflict and become worsen to displace citizens in south Sudan.

There were many conflicts between Dinka and Nuer tribes over past decades which were ethnically based on mainly over grazing land and over cattle amongst pastoral each other. Similarly, there are conflicts over cultivable land amongst peasant farmers within the same ethnic group and also between ethnic groups in land of south Sudan. Sometimes these inter-ethnic conflicts over land and cattle develop into rebellions and armed fighting between the ethnic groups and the state, when the latter sends in the military to stop the fighting or even to take side1. In fact, this conflict had been there over past years still running on ancestors lineage to lineage generations, and also disrupt peace between both tribes in the country and other.

For example origin conflicts from Dinka and Nuer have been fighting over grazing land and over cattle for more than 100 decades. Such conflicts amongst pastoralists are common and widespread in many countries. Similarly conflicts for fertile and cultivable land have been taking place amongst many ethnic groups in many countries. This is same conflict between ethnicities in south Sudan.

Most of these rural conflicts over land and cattle have been going on over past times with very more attention to give two tribes, and hate each other. Even today most such conflicts go unnoticed and unreported – unless large-scale killing and injuries takes place and the state intervenes militarily.

The distinction between the two political conflicts ethnic in south Sudan state is involved in one way or another, and the less well-known urban and rural conflicts in which generally the state is not a party and even are not well reported in useful. While most research publications and media reports cover the political conflicts tribes, and little research has been done to indicate the extent of the latter type of conflicts in south Sudan among tribes to hurt each other.

At the beginning I pointed out that during by coming of south Sudan independence, there will be roughly several violent tribes which will changes of government. This fact is basically given to indicate the extent of conflicts in Africa. But it is important to point out that this is only one type of political conflict between Nuer and Dinka.

The Dinka and Nuer, for example, did not develop a centralized government encompassing all or any large part of their groups. The Dinka are considered to have as many as twenty-five tribal groups. The Nuer has nine to nine to ten separate named groups. Armed conflict between and within ethnic groups continued well into the twentieth century.

Sections of the Dinka fought sections of the Nuer and each other. Other southern groups also expanded and contracted in the search for cattle and pasturage. The Nuer absorbed some of the Dinka, and some present-day sections of the Nuer have significant Dinka components. The relationships among various southern groups were affected in the nineteenth century by the intrusion of Ottomans, Arabs and eventually the British. Some ethnic groups made their accommodation with the intrudents and other and others did not, in effect pitting one southern ethnic group against another in the context of foreign rule. For example, some sections of the Dinka were more accommodating to British rule than were the Nuer.

These Dinka treated the resisting Nuer as hostile, and hostility developed between the two groups as result of their differing relationships to the British. The granting of Sudanese independence in 1956, and the adoption of certain aspects of Islamic law, or the sharia, by the central government in 1983 greatly influenced the nature of relations among these groups in modern times.

In the early 1990s, one of the main sources of ethnic conflict in the south was the extent to which the Dinka dominated southern politics and controlled the allocation of rewards, whether of government posts or of other opportunities. In the 1955-56 censuses, the Dinka constituted a little more than 40 percent of the total population of the three provinces that in 1990 constituted southern Sudan: Bahr al Ghazal, Upper Nile, and Equatoria. Because no other group approached their number, if their proportion of the regional total had not changed appreciably, the Dinka would be expected to play a large part in the new politics of southern Sudan.

Some of the leading figured in the south, such as Abel Alier, head of southern Sudan’s government until 1981, and SPLA leader John Garang, were Dinka (although the SPLA made an effort to shed its Dinka image by cultivating supporters in other groups). It is not known whether the twenty-five Dinka tribal groups were equally represented in the alleged Dinka predominance. Some groups, such as the Nuer, a comparable Nilotic people, and traditional rivals of the Dinka had been deprived of leadership opportunities in colonial times because they were considered intractable were then not numerous, and lived in inaccessible areas (various small groups in Bahr al Ghazal and northern Upper Nile provinces).

During Abel Alier’s reign from 1973-1982, he put himself by placing his own tribesmen (Dinka) in all the strategic and powerful positions. Dinka tribes in government were controlled finance, public services, Judiciary, education, administration, prison service, wildlife service, police service, legal affairs, and regional assembly and so on. But non-Dinkas found themselves deprived from the regional government and eventually advocated for division of Southern Region in Juba to be divided up to into three Sub-regions of Equatoria, Bahr El Ghazel and Upper Nile.

In 1983, conflict was rising up again from political party (SPLM/A) under leadership of Dr. John Garang de Mabior. The same political domination dinka was also applied again to sanctions other tribes for conditions. Four political High Commands were from Dinka tribe, and their names are following, John Garang de Mabior as Chairman, Kerubino Kuanyin as Deputy, Salva Kiir was Deputy Chief of Staff for Security, Arok Thon Arok was Deputy Chief Staff for Logistics and Administration. Again, in 2005 when CPA was held, the same situation imitated under the rule Salva Kiir Mayardit. He placed all tribesmen to dominate all governments’ services to condition other tribesmen.

In August 28 1991, internal dissention among the rebels led opponents of Colonel Garang’s leadership of the SPLA to form the so-called Nassir faction of the rebel army. In September 1992, William Nyuon Bany formed a second rebel faction, and in February 1993, Kerubino Kwanyin Bol formed a third rebel faction. On April 5, 1993, the three dissident rebel factions announced a coalition of their groups called SPLA United at a press conference in Nairobi, Kenya. After 1991, the factions clashed occasionally ad thus the rebels lost much of their credibility with the west.

The policy of the ruling regime toward the south was to pursue the war against the rebels while trying to manipulate them by highlighting ethnic divisions. Ultimately, this policy resulted in many rebels uniting under the SPLM/A from leadership of Colonel John Garang. During that period, the SPLM/A also had enjoyed support from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Uganda. The Bashir government’s “Pan-Islamic” foreign policy, which provided support for neighboring radical Islamist groups that partly responsible for this support for the rebels.

South Sudan current civil war will prolong to effect many coming generations without development. Conflict between Nuer and Dinka had been there as public conflict in east Africa over past period of time because of raiding cattle and conquer lands along to each other. Post-Presidential election contest was only the critical condition that has been brought war crime in south Sudan. The intervention of foreigners’ troops alongside to support south Sudan government troops was one factor that intensify war crime to harm single tribe (Nuer) in south Sudan. Hatred conflict between Dinka and Nuer will remain for long future time without ending unless one tribe has give up to surrender. The unification of south Sudanese will be rare to meet again because of intervention foreign troops. Post-Presidential election war will remain there unless the people of greater Upper Nile region choose another option for self-determination. If war will stay there in the country for more than five years, then Greater Upper Nile region will claim another country to save the life of people in south Sudan. Option need to be instigating before the conflict will collapse to affect the livelihood for citizens in south Sudan.

Nassir base of Headquarter; the State of LatJhor:
Head Chief VS. Young General
Spokesperson in Greater Upper Nile
Intelligence politician research from root causes conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan.