Government’s new strategy on IDPS Camps in Darfur: by Gizouli Adam

Government’s new strategy on IDPS Camps in Darfur: by Gizouli Adam

08-22-2014, 03:47 PM


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Title: Government’s new strategy on IDPS Camps in Darfur: by Gizouli Adam
Author: Gizouli Adam
Date: 08-22-2014, 03:47 PM

Dismissing the IDPs Camps in Darfur has been a top priority in government’s crisis management process over the last 9 years. It is obvious that no displaced person in Darfur chose to be a displaced in one of these ugly camps, it has been a pendent hope for every displaced person to go back to his or her beloved village, how can internal displaced persons return to their villages while the security situation significantly deteriorated?
Despite the fact that the security in the whole region is highly dangerous, particularly the targeted burnt areas which its people are displaced in camps across Darfur and refugees outside the country, There have been several failure attempts by the regime in Khartoum to empty the comps from IDPs since 2005 up to date, while the government providing no primary security or basic needs to those who lost all what they had and ended up living desperate life in Camps.
Nevertheless the a huge amount of money the government has been spending to manage this crisis could actually reconstruct the whole destroyed region and indemnification the material loss of Darfuries, unfortunately it seems this is not what Khartoum wants.
Moreover, it is unambiguous that Khartoum’ concern is crisis management by any means, in doing so the head of state and some government’s figures got indicted by ICC apart from the mass destruction that took place in Darfur over the last ten years while the hope of a durable peace still remain murky in the whole country, and the fear of accountability among government leaders reached the peak. Furthermore, the government’s new strategy with the silence of international community the priority is to empty the IDPs Camps without any consideration to the growing danger of security situation and the basic necessities of the IDPs. The government started terrifying the IDPs by different means through storming up camps militarily and using hunger as weapon by chasing vital humanitarian organizations (E.G Red Cross) to force internal displace persons to get out of the Camps.
So long impunity has become the rule of law in Darfur and the African Union supports the failing operation (UNAMID) the UN will not get the ability to end this crisis considering the obscure of the international community’s stance toward Darfur’s catastrophe that has been pointed out by many concern cycles. Thus due to this the fate of millions of people will remain obscure.

Gizouli Adam
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