Any Peace Process in Sudan Minus Security is a Suicide

Any Peace Process in Sudan Minus Security is a Suicide

04-04-2014, 10:11 PM


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Title: Any Peace Process in Sudan Minus Security is a Suicide
Author: Izzadine Abdul Rasoul
Date: 04-04-2014, 10:11 PM

By: Izzadine Abdul Rasoul
The discussions of National Congress Party on national dialogue these days is deliberate, to hide the crimes they are committing on Sudanese people. The main purpose of regional and international media and diplomatic campaign by the ruling Islamist National Congress Party is also to kill the legitimate rights of the people of the three areas; Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. Recalling the pieces of peaces signed in Sudan were all dishonored by the same regime in Khartoum. Starting from Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that divided Sudan in to two Sudans; South and North Sudan. Reading CPA carefully; there is clear stipulation for the popular consultation in three areas; Abyei, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. Very sadly what so called international community concentrated on separation of South of Sudan from Sudan rather than finding holistic solution to the problem. They neglected the other parts which I believe was a big mistake; because stability of South Sudan is connected with the three areas and Darfur as well.
The Ruling National Congress Party intentionally refused to implement the signed documents of the CPA on the ground, nevertheless; the expected war was resumed again on all fronts in Sudan instead of assumed peace . The position of the international community on the signed Comprehensive Peace Agreement; brings in to my mind the popular repeated African stories about European colonialism; that says: all European colonial masters before they leave any country; they must create a disputed areas in the colony to approve that the problem is not the colonization but the people themselves detest each other to live together even without European colonial power. So what happen in Sudan is exactly what Africa remained to speak.
Coming to Darfur conflict which I believe is the same as that of the three areas. The signed Darfur Peace Agreement DPA in Abuja; as a documents most of the demands on papers are well met but the implementation was dishonored by the Islamist ruling party in Khartoum; because the mechanisms were lacking observers as it was the case on CPA. In 2006; when soldiers of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army led by Chairman Mini Minawi who signed Abuja Peace Agreement were killed in Khartoum; I was expecting to read just a statement from the diplomats of the countries who orchestrated the DPA just to condemn the brutal killings of SLM/A soldiers at Omdurman in capital city Khartoum.
The ruling National Congress Party is very well known for the Regional and the International Community that it’s the only government on this world that kills its own people also its the odd government on earth that dishonors the agreements that its signs. United Nations Security Council have issued about 15 resolutions on Darfur only; none of them is been respected by the Islamist ruling party in Khartoum, instead; the ICC indicted sitting head of sate Omer Al Bashir and his followers, continues the genocide in Darfur and ethnic cleansings in other parts of Sudan; and international community suffice with condemnations on strongest terms.
The Sudanese proverb says; “ a person who has experienced snake bites fears the dragging of a rope”. Therefore; it will be a big mistake whether from regional or international community to push Sudan freedom fighters that embodies on Sudan Revolutionary Front SRF to reconcile with the regime that still continues killing their families,without addressing the root causes of the conflicts.
What so called national reconciliation conference or national reconciliation….whatever name they give; it’s like putting the wheels before the horse. Politically speaking; there are always steps processes that precedes any national reconciliation. Security of the people is the priority! People must be alive to discuss the future of the country as it was the case in South Africa.
If Regional and International Community are genuine on their search of PEACE for Sudan they must implement no fly zone in areas of conflict and allow free humanitarian access to all humanitarian organizations to reach the needy internally or externally displaced people. I believe such process which may seem as fantasy to some of the readers must be the right step towards comprehensive and sustainable peace in Sudans. I believe that; people must be there alive and then talk; national reconciliation while people are dead would be futile!!

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