Our beloved Country

Our beloved Country

11-14-2016, 07:57 AM

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Title: Our beloved Country
Author: Gaafar Ismail
Date: 11-14-2016, 07:57 AM
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06:57 AM November, 14 2016

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Our country, the Republic of the Sudan, is sliding into a critical junction but our politicians seem oblivious to the consequences of their political blindness. I wonder when the politicians will come to their senses. The Sudan, which was one of the leading countries in the region in all fields such as education, health care, public service etc, is now one of the least developed countries in Africa. This is mainly attributed to the behavior of our politicians since the independence. They have always put their personal and political parties’ interests before the national interest. Thus they lose every possible opportunity to solve problems and heal the country’s wounds.
Being a keen observer of political developments since independence, I believe the current Government of the National Congress, despite its shortcomings, is doing its utmost level to rule the country and keep it united. After all, no government in this world is blessed with perfection and void of flaws.
It is no secret that loyal and highly disciplined members of the ruling party are ready to defend it by force if the need arises. Therefore I see the ongoing call for resistance and use of force to topple the government through a popular uprising is a great mistake that may lead the country towards a civil war that will benefit no one and lead the country towards an uncertain future. The wise approach to do is to sit down together and find political solutions to our problems instead of the call for violence in which both the people and the government will be losers and many lives will be lost.
Our country is faced with many challenges from its enemies namely the western powers and their allies according to their own political agendas that are crystal clear to anyone who can see behind the scene. We, the Sudanese, are required to face these agendas and practice more vigilance. The ruling party on its turn is supposed to share power with parties that are not included in the government. I believe this point is given priority in the recent National Dialogue the outcome of which I hope to be convincing, successful, and accepted by all parties concerned.
Long live the Republic of the Sudan.

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Title: Re: Our beloved Country
Author: محمد على طه الملك
Date: 11-19-2016, 04:07 PM
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Nice objective article that you wrote dear Gaafar,
yes, the surrounding circumstances presumes your rational point of view..
but only if the regime has a serious good will to resolve the crisis..
in my consideration the lack of confidence is the main denominator in the continuation of conflict between all parties.

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Title: Re: Our beloved Country
Author: Gaafar Ismail
Date: 11-20-2016, 03:54 PM
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Dear brother Almalik

Thank you very much for your valuable input.
I honestly agree with your points that:
- It remains on the government side to prove that it is genuinely committed to resolve the crisis.
- The real problem is how to build confidence with all parties in order to cooperate to
find solutions that will save the country from sliding into further crisis.

Best regards