Welcome To DT (Donald Trump)

Welcome To DT (Donald Trump)

11-09-2016, 07:39 AM

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Title: Welcome To DT (Donald Trump)
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 11-09-2016, 07:39 AM

07:39 AM November, 09 2016

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Hurray! Donald Trump (DT) is the new president of the USA…! It is a surprise that will turn things upside down to those who are used to the de facto American political diplomacy. Definitely, the western democracy now is stepping into an unpredictable path. He used to claim that he will be able to redraw the political map of America utilizing his support that would have come from traditional white American folks who are not college graduated. He is Damn Right! His claim that the government in Washington DC and the American media had never reflected the views of the true American society, had definitely hit the right nerve!

To understand and absorb this surprise completely, let us step back into Obama’s slogans in his first election “CHANGE…..CHANGE…CHANGE….” Later on, particularly in his second term, his CHANGE had been halted to disastrous encounters to the divided racial mixture of the USA. A lot of injustices were committed against the Blacks from the states police force that far exceeded what had occurred in previous presidential terms from other white presidents. The euphoria of the black Americans had turned into sour experiences while they seem to watch the first elected black president to be worse than a lame duck internally and internationally. The real lobbies that control the diplomatic arena were able to fuse his ambitious plans for CHANGE! The experience had left the minority component of the American population to lose hope in gaining real meaningful race equality in America…! This might have played a big role among many minorities’ voters to shy away from supporting Hilary Clinton endeavor. Hilary Clinton is part of the disappointing Obama’s regime which delivers promises but lacks the strong will to achieve the required changes.
Donald Trump, whether we like him or not, symbolizes the classical American character among many white Americans in the deep heart of rural American societies and the semi urban states. The American character of the flamboyant, arrogant white American who speaks his mind right away even if it is an obscene language with many f words and some women-degrading expressions. What we might have considered to be naughty is the language of the vast majority of American folks!

Let us dig a little further into his personal family life! Of-course, he is a wealthy man with good ties to the rich Zionist lobby. One of his daughters, who had converted to Judaism, was married to the son of one of the richest Jewish families of New York. Therefore, he will never attempt to jeopardize his wealth and political ambitions by standing against the dominant Zionist lobby. Though, he declared it publicly that he would stand against Muslim immigration and visits to America, he will definitely try to torpedo American politics to favor those traditional Arab countries that supported the American policies during the cold war and on. Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan,…..etc, He will definitely aggravate and halt the Iranian maneuvers to dominate the political scene in the Middle East. Therefore, on the personal level, he might have been seen as an anti-Muslim crusader, but his clear vision about the politics in the area might be very useful than his predecessors.

From now on, the new diplomatic language of America would definitely be the DT (Down Town) language! However, such a character could be absolutely unpredictable in the world politics. The Russians might see an ugly determined American face. While for Muslims, we have to keep our fingers crossed and see what this new rich guy would have to offer. There is a small window of opportunity in the shaky grounds of the Middle East politics, to witness an unexpected change that would halt the ugly scenes of destruction we see today!