AiI Haj - Ali Osman foiled a peace deal with Garang in 1993

AiI Haj - Ali Osman foiled a peace deal with Garang in 1993

07-13-2015, 04:51 PM


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Title: AiI Haj - Ali Osman foiled a peace deal with Garang in 1993
Author: زهير عثمان حمد
Date: 07-13-2015, 04:51 PM

04:51 PM Jul, 13 2015
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Called Dr. Ali al-Haj Mohammed Deputy Secretary General of the Popular Congress Party, and the owner of the famous phrase "Mastura they are free," the political forces to participate in the national dialogue to lead the country out of political crisis.

He said during a meeting with political activists in the Salon d. Mr. Altalp the Qatari capital Doha, was attended by some members of that "national conference" with peaceful change through dialogue and warned of the dangers of toppling the regime by force.

And he witnessed the meeting, which was quoted by the Qatari newspaper Asharq hot and strong questions about the interventions of the dialogue, which he considered Ali Al-Hajj of the priorities of President Omar al-Bashir project failure.

On his return to Sudan, al-Haj said he would return voluntarily went out and came out as, "You do not need to go back and poet in need."

On the other hand, he denied that al-Haj on a personal dispute with Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the former vice president, but said: "There is a substantive disagreement", and I have the position since February 1993 when I met the late d. John Garang in Kampala and we will reach a formula of peace for a ceasefire in southern Sudan, but the other (reference to Ali Osman) stood against it at a meeting in Khartoum "and Glboni and overwhelmed the president," although it with the formula mentioned, they said "words are very difficult," In the end " what happened happened. "

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