I Fed the Pigeons/Mahjoub Sharif

I Fed the Pigeons/Mahjoub Sharif

04-12-2015, 03:48 PM

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Title: I Fed the Pigeons/Mahjoub Sharif
Author: عائشة موسي السعيد
Date: 04-12-2015, 03:48 PM

03:48 PM Apr, 12 2015
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عائشة موسي السعيد-KHARTOUM NORTH
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The newly published book of 10 poems of Mahjoub Sharif, Translated by Asha Musa
The book carries the name of one of the poem which I am copying here..
The book is now sold together with a CD of readings of the original poems by Mahjoub and his daughter Mariam.
The translated poems are recited by Reel Mohammad Abdelhai..
This is Mahjoub's First Annual Commemoration.

I Fed the Pigeons
شتتَ حباً للحمام
Feeding pigeons,
With joy flowing from the heart
.He thought to invite others
To share the seed
Fresh water
.The grandest feast
. Beauty attracts affection..
More precious than ivory tower
That made our modest home
A grand carnival pavilion
The bush is now a platform
The blooming branch a mike
The place is filled with people
All different and alike
The cock in his cockscomb
The hen with chicks so feeble
Small clean cups resemble
So white as cotton at harvest time
The bevy of turtledoves politely perch
Wrapped in coco-white cloaks
Wad-Abraq* called his wife
And all her friends too
In bridal procession they drew
Their pals in ‘brassiere’ trooped
In uniform !
The band of love so sweet
Eyes like beads agleam
Such tiny
Tiny gems
Like baking chisel
Flapping and dancing.. Proper
Cackling and chirping happily
Around the rug of sand
The morning shade for bedspread
Over the spacious bed
For pillow the lovely breeze
The sparkling brook is laughing
The grass grows to share
Young palms all around
Small kids scream aloud
Soft clouds
Send a drizzle
Spreading wetted talk
A flower calls its neighbor
.Opening windows of scent
Wearing their morning dresses
Sleeves purely silk
They sing to Peace
Long live feathers
To spread the Peace
God keeps your off-spring
God keeps your wing
God keeps the trees
Always green and flourishing
God keeps the rain
For health to beat all medicine
God keeps the Festival on-the- go
Against the wind that may blow
Oh please God..This Carnival
Keeps on the go
Against the wind that may blow
Dozing, I see myself fly
I saw people fresh, on coaches ‘
I pleased to see eyes gleaming
With pleasure, and eagerness
It looks as if, they spread diamonds
I saw around booksellers
Crowds for books Flemish
.I spread love…for peace