Is it an Egyptian duck or a pigeon?

Is it an Egyptian duck or a pigeon?

07-17-2013, 03:23 AM


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Title: Is it an Egyptian duck or a pigeon?
Author: إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
Date: 07-17-2013, 03:23 AM

There is a section of the American foreign assistance law (1961) which asserts that the United States government should cut aid to any country which its elected head of state is toppled by a military coup or decree. To justify applying this section of the law in case of Egypt, some discussions were raised whether what happened is a military coup or an existing revolutionary brave act.
The question which I would like to find an answer for, is whether the U. S. would consider such an act to cut aid in case of the Egyptian army move to topple President Morsi’s government. The Egyptian army had been bankrolled by the Americans since the signing of the peace agreement with Israel in 1979. In overall Egypt gets $1.6 billion annually, out of which $1.3 billion goes to the military and the remaining $0.3 billion goes to the civil societies organizations. These organizations include some TV stations, newspapers and some journalists. The top Egyptian generals receive fat checks every month from this secured amount of the American aid without the watchful eye of any public organization! Actually, the American aid had turned the army to a state within the helpless state of Morsi. The latter was able to change the ministerial staff only without any fundamental change within the army, the police and the intelligence organization. The army generals felt threatened to lose their lucrative status gradually over the years and that is why they are complacent with the opposition to topple Morsi. It is not what was argued that Morsi was not competent enough to lead the country!
Protection of Israel had become the central issue for the American foreign policy which is above laws or decrees as publicly announced by many politicians whether Republicans or Democrats. President Obama knows very well that when it comes to any threat to Israel’s borders is a red line. His argument that democracy does end at the ballot box was in fact is a green flag for the Egyptian military to topple Morsi as The French previously foiled another democratic experience for the Islamists in Algiers.

To comprehend the American double standard in dealing with military coups, let us compare what was said for the military coup in Mali. When the Mali military promised democratic elections within a year, the American and the Europeans refused their claim and demanded the return of the Malian president immediately. The American stopped the government aid and retained the humanitarian aid only to Mali. Two similar military coups within a span of almost one year but the diplomatic reactions were completely different. The end result of the Mali coup is the French invasion with the blessing of every one including the United Nations. In the case of the Egyptian coup, statements vary from agreeing to some shy concerns raised but both ways meant complete support.

My final conclusion as a non-islamist individual nor an ambitious politician is that Israel and the west consider Islam as a threat to their domination of the world resources. Though Morsi had committed some mistakes and I disagree with the Muslim brotherhood approach but I think he had done his best to accommodate others and comply with American policy towards Israel.
The west and Israel look to our part of the world as a real state piece of land that is full of resources. The people of the Muslim Arab countries are of no concern to them. I would draw to you the most obvious example is the Gulf counties where nobody dares to speak about democracy. The families were appointed by the British within the last centuries still govern and when an intruder like President Saddam interfered to change the status-quo, we all know what happened to him! As long as the money of gas and oil pours into the western banks that is only what matters. It is not democracy or civil rights of the citizens or what is above the earth that matters. Unfortunately, it is what beneath the earth in our lands that looks interesting.

If it walks gingerly like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck. It must be a lame Egyptian duck not a pigeon. It is a military coup which toppled a fairly elected president ! The irony is that the elections were held under the transitional military government and under its supervision !! I am pretty sure if there will be a fair election, the islamists would win again unless the old tactics of camels, horses and donkeys come to the rescue !!!