A Bitterness of Teaching Your Own Kids/Mohamed Rahma

A Bitterness of Teaching Your Own Kids/Mohamed Rahma

05-19-2013, 07:32 AM

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Title: A Bitterness of Teaching Your Own Kids/Mohamed Rahma
Author: محمد رحمة النور
Date: 05-19-2013, 07:32 AM

A Bitterness of Teaching Your Own Kids
Narrated by: Mohamed Rahma Osman

(A literary Criticism)

Have you ever teach your kids and start getting boring? Have your ever bite your finger to avoid beating your eldest son and have you ever feel a bitterness of teaching your own kids?
I think it's really terrible and horrible to do so and I swear that you have a problem with your wife in the way that you are teaching them.
In fact we do have some bad attitudes towards our children due to the bad background that we might have been treated by our parents/teachers in the past may Allah blesses and forgives them.
Every single generation is different from others and today's generation is really quite different than our generation and the one before.
The nature of things, foods, games, media and civilization is in fact enormous. When I talk to my son about (Shilell) or (Shadat) those old folk games that we used to play in the past, he laughs at me and starts talking about new games of today. When I tell him about my summer vacations in my dad's village in the north of Sudan and invite him he asks me to take him to US or Qatar , when we discuss about the famous footballer like Pele he speaks about Messie or some famous pioneer like John Sina.
Oh, how crazy are these generations?
I don't need my kids to be messengers or oblige with my old days' culture or tradition but I need them to be obliged with our religion 's principles with good behavior, doing their daily prays, respect themselves and others.
If we don't take care of them during this critical time of life the circle of the life may take them to the dangers.
How lucky am I? I have a great and unique opportunity to pull up my family from the US to the side of Arabia or nearby my country , where they can hear the AZANS (call of salah) , practice their religion, recite and recite Quran and go the Quranic Halgas(Circles) although we need to be closed to them either here or everywhere nowadays.
How stupid are my kids? That's everybody's feelings because of the bitterness that we feel. Why we have that disturbing motion? Because we love them; we need them to be better than us. To depend on themselves and to have their own character and opinion. But please don't have that feeling, they will be alright. When I left Saudi Arabia in 2000 and get back in 2009 I saw a lot enforced Sudanese immigrant families left Saudi Arabia to Sudan to settle and they had got a hard life system in Sudan and lately succeeded very well , I mean the kids not their families indulging in the new and hard life to them as there is 90/ of them didn't see their country before.
Therefore we have to feel optimistic enough but to be aware at the same time from any shocks in the life changing.
How great and scarifying my wife? She spends hours and hours daily to teach them mathematics as I hate this subject since I was in the intermediate school.
The studying in international schools is really hard because they have too much of syllabus which includes math, Islamic studies, social studies. Etc.
How short is the day with these a lot of homework? Nowadays the time is getting very short like the eldest days time.