Note by the Sudan People's Liberation Army officers to the President of the mechanism of high-level

Note by the Sudan People's Liberation Army officers to the President of the mechanism of high-level

10-08-2015, 10:02 PM


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Title: Note by the Sudan People's Liberation Army officers to the President of the mechanism of high-level
Author: SudaneseOnline Press Release
Date: 10-08-2015, 10:02 PM

10:02 PM Oct, 09 2015
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مزكرة من ضباط الجيش الشعبي الي رئيس الالية رفيعة المستوي للاتحاد الافريقي

Blue Nile Liberated Areas Position Paper

H. E. Mr. Thabo Mbeki, the chairperson of AUHIP

With due respect to your wise administration and good leadership of African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), we, the military and political leaders of Blue Nile liberated areas and on behalf of our marginalized and vulnerable masses in Blue Nileliberated areas, we highly commend and appreciate the genuine and honest efforts, patience and persistence that you pursue in order to make peace and stability a reality in our bleeding country, Sudan. We also appreciate and commend your relentlesspressure on National Congress Party (NCP) to rationalize its attitudes and behaviors and come to its reason and guarantee humanitarian corridors for relief assistance to reach those who arein need in the war-affected areasin Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and Darfour. We, as well, deeply express our appreciationfor your recent effort that has been culminated in helping Peace and Security Council of the African Union at its 539th meeting held on 25, August 2015, to adopt that historic decisionthat will facilitate for just and sustainable peace in Sudan.

Khartoum genocidal regime has notoriously and barbarically bombarded the innocent civilians and civil properties, looted our assets, denying access of humanitarian relief and aid to the needy people in our liberated areas. Fortunately, the resilience, gallantry, and bravery of our people helped them survive all these suffering, hardship and agonies. In spite of all these formidable challenges, our population in the liberated areas of Blue Nile managed, through their struggle, to sustain and survive until they unfortunately discovered that their leadership, particularly the assigned chairperson of SPLM/A/North, Mr. Malik Agar, is part of the problem instead of the solution

We, the military freedom fighters and political leaders in the Blue Nile liberated areas have lost confidence in Mr. Malik Agar, the assigned SPLM/A/North chairperson for his opportunistic and individualistic attitudes and behaviors;therefore, he is no longer representing the interests and aspirations of the marginalized population of the liberated areas of Blue Nile Region. Hence, we would like to communicate to your august AUHIP in no uncertain terms that Mr. Malik Agar, the assigned SPLM/A/North chairperson, is no longer mandated by the Blue Nile freedom fighters, political leaders, and the population to negotiate or take any decision on behalf of them. Likewise, the assigned Secretary General of the SPLM/A/North Mr. Yassir Arman, likewise, is not representing our shared vision, shared mission, and core values simply because has never undergone or experienced the suffering of our people in the liberated areas and unaware of the socio-economic landscape of Blue Nile Region.Both of them have precariously deviated from the agreed upon roadmap that has been drawn up by the blood of our martyrs, widows, orphans and disable, both of them have gravely betrayed and defeated the same principles and values upon which our vision and mission have been founded and that we have jointly been fighting age-old enemy, the National Congress Party (NCP).

In a nutshell, we, the Blue Nile freedom fighters and political leaders, and the masses of its liberated areas, would like to unequivocally reiterate and state our position with regard to the forthcoming negotiation process as follows;

1. Mr. Malik Agar and Mr. Yassir Arman have not been mandated by the Blue Nile population in the liberated areas to speak on their behalf;

2. Any agreement between Khartoum government and these two persons will never be accepted by the population of the liberated areas of Blue Nile Region and will be turned down;

3. Blue Nile liberated areas’ population have their mandated delegates and representatives who are ready to go and participate in the forthcoming negotiation process;

4. Sustainable peace, that cannot be relapsed or reverted, is our target which we firmly believe that these two persons do not have the capacity, competency or courage to make.

We put this Position Paper forward to your august Organ and we strongly believe that it will gain your full consideration.

1. Brig. G. Ali BunderAssisi.

2. Brig. G. AlaminNimeriYousif.

3. Brig G. MahamoudAltijani Ahmed.

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