SPLM-N rescued 5 year old girl and handed her over to ICRC to reunite her with family

SPLM-N rescued 5 year old girl and handed her over to ICRC to reunite her with family

08-16-2015, 10:11 PM

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Title: SPLM-N rescued 5 year old girl and handed her over to ICRC to reunite her with family
Author: الحركه الشعبيه لتحرير السودان شمال
Date: 08-16-2015, 10:11 PM

11:11 PM Aug, 17 2015
Sudanese Online
الحركه الشعبيه لتحرير السودان شمال-
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In June 2015, Iman Fadlemula Mohamed Fadlemula (5 years Old) was found in the bush after the clashes between the SPLA-N and SAF in Wad-Abuk area south of Al-Damazin town Blue Nile state, the SPLA-N forced the SAF to withdraw from the area on 12 June 2015. One of SPLA-N officer found Iman in poor health and separated from her family. The command of the SPLA-N in 4th front rescued Iman and supplied her with medical care and sent her to care-taker family to recover to full health. At the same time, the SPLM-N contacted and made arrangements with ICRC to facilitate Iman to return to her family.

We are happy to announce that on the 13 August 2015, the SPLM-N assisted Iman in to the care of ICRC who are returning her to her family.

SPLM-N is reaffirming its commitment to its legacy, to the safety of all of the civilians in Sudan, and to following all international laws and conventions toward the protection of the children and the civilians during the arms conflicts.

SPLM-N is still prepared to uphold its promise to release the 20 POWs and to hand over the 22 mining workers, through the ICRC as initiated by reform and renaissance initiative (Saehoon). We are only waiting for the technical procedures to finish the process.

Mubarak Ardol

SPLM-N Peace File Spokesperson

15 August 2015

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