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Sudanese Canadian forum for peace and democracy-for publication

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Title: Sudanese Canadian forum for peace and democracy-for publication
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 07-10-2015, 05:55 AM

04:55 AM Jul, 10 2015
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Disposition of Sudan criminal court on Monday July 6, 2015 in the matter of MASTOUR AHMED, ISSAM OMAR, IBRAHIM ZAIN,by sentencing them to a prompt executed sentence , without laxity or postponement for appeal, by whipping each of them 20 lashes is a flagrant affront to justice. It is a crude unprecedented violation, regionally or internationally to their inviolable constitutional rights as enshrined in the interim Constitution of 2005, article 39 freedom of expression, article 40 right of assembly and association of The Bill of Rights, and The African Union Charter and Human Right law of The UN.
The salient facts that the convicted did nothing than they participated and disseminated their views and opinions about the National Election held on 13/16 of April 2015 in a rally at Sabreen market , Omdurman on April28.2015 organized by The National Consensus Forces, which represent Sudan opposition, of which Sudanese Congress Party is a notable and a unique member, and under the slogan “STEP DOWN” in Sudanese language is “ARRHAL” to the Utilitarian Islamist Regime, and calling as well for the release of their 12 detained partisan members.
The charge and conviction was pursuant to section 69 of the Sudan Penal Code read with section 77-(1), paragraph sections stand for disturbance of public peace. The degrading is the prompt execution of the sentence of flogging or whipping , and in the absence of the accused “counsel, conveys an unprecedented message to the Sudanese political factions, and civil society organizations and groups, denoting and threatening that the coercive , populist , theocratic laws are prevalent and dominant , and that the government under its precept of “domination , Tamkeen , can influence the judges and the judiciary and can utilize its arbitrary laws as it had done before at the era of September Laws 1983under which it violated thousands and hundreds of our citizens rights under the veneer of the implementation of Shaira Laws .
It is to be noted that its tragic notorious and degrading laws paved the way for the oriented Islamic Judiciary in carrying out the conspiracy of murdering the enlightened unique leader of The Democratic Party, namely MAHMOUD MOHAMAD TAHA.
Flogging politicians and opponents and adversary in opinion in this millennium is unacceptable setback to the bygone days of dark history, heresy, theocratic despotism.
We in the Sudanese Canadian FORUM FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY, Condemn the whole process as vicious ,arbitrary, inhumane and degrading in the wake of this era , and we call for fair democratic jurisprudence and law that respect human dignity and good governance , not a penal repressive rule, that demolish human values!
Forward, Let us go for it!

TORONTO July, 7th, 2015

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