Sudan and Egypt open Gostul-Eshkheit Crossing on Thursday

Sudan and Egypt open Gostul-Eshkheit Crossing on Thursday

05-01-2015, 02:37 PM


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Title: Sudan and Egypt open Gostul-Eshkheit Crossing on Thursday
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 05-01-2015, 02:37 PM

03:37 PM May, 01 2015
Sudanese Online
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Sudan has stressed its eagerness to boost the relations with the neighboring Egypt in all fields to realize development and full integration between the two the countries as well as going ahead with the implementation of other border crossings.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Sudanese-Egyptian Gostul-Eshkheit Crossing on Thursday, Sudan’s First Vice-President, Bakri Hassan Salih, said that the presidents of the two countries affirmed the realization of the sustainable development between the two countries by benefiting from their great resources for the interest of the Sudanese and Egyptian people .
For his part, Sudan Chief of Customs Authority, Saif Addin Omar, member of high committee on crossings, told SUNA that the inauguration of the crossing shows the extent of bonds between the two brotherly peoples and maximum benefit to be reaped in exchanging commodities and benefits between the peoples of the Nile Valley.
Omar added that opening border crossing will contribute to smoothing the flow of trade and boosting mutual trade between the two countries in addition to encouraging Sudanese exports to conquer foreign markets.
He said that the crossing in question will help reduce cost of imports and expedite clearance of commodities, adding that new difficulties were met during the pilot operations – whether in mobility of passengers or procedures regarding ravel busses or private cars, which enabled citizens for the first time to travel to-and fro Egypt.


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