Sudanese-Egyptian Qustul port to be opened on 30 April

Sudanese-Egyptian Qustul port to be opened on 30 April

04-26-2015, 03:44 PM


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Title: Sudanese-Egyptian Qustul port to be opened on 30 April
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 04-26-2015, 03:44 PM

04:44 PM Apr, 26 2015
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Egypt’s Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, has revealed that Qustul port link his country and Sudan will be opened on Thursday.
The Egyptian official said in statements on Saturday that Sudan’s Vice President, Bakri Hassan Saleh, will participate in the inauguration, along with a number of the Egyptian and Sudanese Ministers.
For his part, Chairman of Egyptian Transport Association pointed out that
Qustul port is a chance to link Egypt to Africa and revive their trade relations, adding that Africa is ready to be a market for Egyptian goods, whether it be agriculture crops, plastics or textiles.
The port was built following the 2011 revolution and was opened experimentally in August 2014, and it has been operating on a limited basis since then.
He added that the port made 5.5 million EGP ($721,000) in revenues with an investment cost 85 million EGP ($11.14 million,) since August 2014.
Nearly 39,000 Sudanese have arrived in Egypt via Qustul, while 35,500 departed to Sudan using it. Also, around 2,500 trucks departed to Sudan via the port while 1,900 arrived through it, according to Hegazy.
Qustul port was built over the area of 60,000 square meters, at a cost of 47 million EGP, according to Youm7.
“Qustul port will reduce travel time between Egypt and Sudan from 17 hours via through Nile ships, to only 5 hours via the port, which will facilitate transport processes between the two countries,” Asaad Abdel Maged, the Chairman of the High Dam eastern port, previously told Youm7.
In April 2014, Egypt and Sudan signed an agreement to operate the border crossing. The agreement was signed by Mohammed Abbas, the African-Arab
A number of meetings were launched between the two countries to review tightening control on borders after repeated reports of smuggling and human trafficking hot spots.
Bakri Hassan Saleh

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