Egypt and Sudan to discuss the integration projects in Khartoum

Egypt and Sudan to discuss the integration projects in Khartoum

04-20-2015, 04:04 PM


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Title: Egypt and Sudan to discuss the integration projects in Khartoum
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 04-20-2015, 04:04 PM

04:04 PM Apr, 20 2015
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Egypt’s Irrigation and Water Resources Minister, Hossam Maghazi, has announced that his meeting with three Sudanese Ministers in Khartoum aimed at resuming and development of the integration projects between the two countries in the strategic and important areas between the two countries.
During his speech on Monday, the Egypt’s minister said the meeting reflected the real translation of convergence of ideas and hopes of the political leadership in Egypt and the Sudan to pursue aspirations of the peoples of the Nile Valley in self-sufficiency in agricultural and food production due to the natural and human resources and technology in the tow countries

He stressed that the meeting has establish the rules of integration and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of agriculture, irrigation and infrastructure necessary for the food security, announcing his ministry’s readiness to harness the technical potential for positive and effective contribution in any joint projects benefit the peoples of the Nile Valley

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